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An update - Week 5 & lower back pain

I've been away since Wednesday evening, so I thought I ought to post an update now I'm home. I've spent the last 4 days at Donington Park for a race meeting, so I took the opportunity to do my first two runs of Week 5 on the track after the racing had finished. The first run was tough as I hadn't appreciated how hilly the first bit of the track is, but I managed it even with the hills (it was the first time I'd attempted running up hill). The second run was much better as I decided to go the wrong way round the track, which was less hilly. The second 8 minute run was down the slightly downhill straight :) I managed that one with no problem at all.

The only problem I have now is I'm getting quite a bit of lower back pain after running. I've always had occasional lower back pain as I have a really arched hollow, but it's been really bad these last few days. I'm going to see an osteopath tomorrow to see if they can sort it out. I'm worried they're going to tell me I can't run for a while and set me back! Does anyone else get this?

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Runners need good core strength, so anything you can do to improve that will help. Ask your osteopath.

If you have been running hills for the first time then that probably contributed to the pain. Also if the surface is hard then there is more jarring and offroad is gentler on all your joints.

How good are your shoes? If they are not right for you or if they are just wearing out then they can also be a cause of back pain.

I am recovering from a back injury at present (that sounds more dramatic than it was) so am acutely aware of my back and am taking extra days between runs and doing plenty of stretching to keep the pain at bay.

Keep up the work, you will never regret it I am sure, so long as you listen to your body.

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I've had the back pain since I started running, but it was particularly bad this week. It may have been due to the bed I was sleeping on as it is much better today having slept in my own bed again.

I do normally run on grass, so it may have added to it.

My shoes are really good. I bought them when I started 6 weeks ago. I didn't get my gait analysed when I got them, so that may be an issue, but I can't afford to buy another pair. I find it really hard to get shoes that fit too!

I'll see what the osteopath has to say tomorrow.


IannodaTruffe, is spot on, core strength is everything. I too have a hollow back and have also picked up lower back pain this week. Have suffered in the past with it, but haven't had any trouble for a few years, but this week I upped my mileage and ended up curtailing a run because I was starting to get twinges.

I'll be really interested to know what your osteopath says, but in the meantime I'm investigating core strengthening exercises. Planks anyone??...


A few years ago I went to the Dr with really bad back pain. I could just about shuffle into to his room. I was in agony, but he told me to run, really run and get everything moving and hot and sweaty. I wasn't a runner then and thought he was mad - I could barely walk, but I guess there is something in that. I did the C25K partly for assorted health issues, back ache being one of them. I have had twinges, but that Drs words stay with me. MOVE. Obviously check first, but interesting huh? my own core strength needs work too, but god I hate it - planks, squats etc - I really hate them, but hey I thought that about running too😀


Well, he told me to carry on running because the end goal is a good one for my health. It is to do with my core strength (I basically have none!). I need to sit with a cushion behind my back, and do pelvic tilts daily. He also suggested using my exercise bike to get some cardiovascular exercise without putting pressure on my knees and ankles. I've got to go back next week, and he advised to hold off running for a couple of days.


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