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Well I haven't ran now for over two weeks to rest my knee as it had been playing up.So on Sunday it felt ok I had been walking my 5k route 3 times a week with no issues.Decided to see if I could run and after 5 mins was ok but didn't want to push it so stopped,the next day back to square one, knee sore and painful to walk on,.

Made an appt with my GP to see what they thought,so this morning went to see him for him to say sounds like Osteoarthritis!!!!! So a question could he be right? Been having a problem with my knee for approx 4 weeks and been running for nearer 5 months,surely if it was it would have started a lot sooner than after I graduated?

He advised not running for 2 months at least!!!! and if i do run then I will have to put up with the pain.

I am in my mid 40s so only just in what he says is the relevant age brackets.

I am more inclined to think runners knee, what do you think?



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  • Did he look at your knee? Feel it? Ask questions along these lines... nice.org.uk/guidance/cg177/...

    If not, ask for another GP to give you a second opinion.

  • Hi Pam, yes he felt my knee as that is where the pain was,asked general questions eg when started,what do I think caused it,history of knee pain and then general health questions.

    I am impressed how fast your found that link on NICE

  • I'd have difficulty accepting that as a diagnosis, especially when only the one knee is painful; it's really bad luck you'll be on the i/c for a while longer either way. Chin up xx

    Ps re NICE, I'm a clinical effectiveness geek ✨

  • Yes I agree it does seem strange that it has only appeared after I have done so much running and not any sign of it before and only in one knee.

    I will give it a bit more time approx 4 weeks try a short run again but in the meantime I will get a knee support,proper running shoes sorted and see how it goes.

    Still think it's runners knee personally.

    Clinical effectiveness geek πŸ˜€

  • Hiya clinical effectiveness geek..how's you been? You back running yet? X

  • Sure am, my knee cleared up when I threatened it with a saw ;o)

  • I would be inclined to see a Physio if you can afford it - even for a one off consultation. They will assess your biomechanics for indications of a sports injury as opposed to a condition such as arthritis and should be able to offer a more precise diagnosis. it will also be MUCH quicker !!

  • Debs4GNR - I will try and do that as not convinced with what has been said it does sound quite right.

  • You can ask your GP for a referral to an NHS physio, they can usually only offer you a max of 6 weeks, but also hopefully an alternative diagnosis.

  • thanks Pam will look into that also

  • I agree with Debs4GNR Butch , I think a sports physio would be well worth a visit if you can afford it. I think I paid Β£40.00 for an initial assessment and then Β£28.00 for a follow up visit 2 weeks later . Not cheap I know , but well worth it in my case.

    That does sound rather a dramatic diagnosis for knee pain , if you don't mind me saying so . Hmm its a difficult one .....

    Don't give up hope Butch, hang on in there xxx

  • Poppypug - thanks I will look into a sports physio.

    Don't want to give up on this unless I am forced to as I am quite liking this running and can see real beneficial personally to doing it.

  • Don't listen to him!! No, I take it that back, ring your local running club and get the name of a physio with an interest in running, and get a second opinion. My physio sorted out my knee troubles and, more importantly, taught me how to stop it recurring. On my first appointment he said I had some athritis in my knee but that it shouldn't stop me running if I did the quad strengthening exercising he prescribed. I did and it hasn't!! Good luck Butch :)

  • Thanks AncientMum will look into it

  • Another vote for a good sports physio. They will have a much better idea than your GP! Sorry, but I really believe this! Also, it is highly unlikely one could diagnose Osteoarthritis without X-rays and possibly other scans. Hope you get some better diagnosis for this - don't write off that running just yet! Also, advising someone they will just have to run with the pain (without confirmation of the diagnosis) seems quite irresponsible to me and could cause further injury. It may well be something a physio can help you with through exercises or gait analysis. A physio who works with running injuries is your best bet. Good luck.

  • Thanks Sandraj39, there does seem to be a theme here,so I will look into finding a sports physio locally

  • Use opt for a second opinion or ask for an xray..to determine any damage butch.

    Definitely don't run till pain gone.. I ended up with stress fracture on mine.. ran on 4th April..rested it for more than a week..thought for try my next run and it was really painful after.. 4 weeks later still awaiting MRI..tomorrow..physio on monday..

    Just not worth the risk till you get diagnosis! It's definitely frustrating but once you know exactly what your dealing with .. road will always be there:) sending hugs x

  • Thanks Sparky66, yes no running for at least a month and then see what happens - if i go to a physio now with no pain (as currently nothing) will they be able to tell if anything?

  • I got the same sort of answer from my doc last year and he was a runner too, only got a definitive answer from a physio.

    Hope you get an answer soon and can then start your recovery ☺

  • If you were to get an xray doc could tell from that if there is damage or further investigation needed butch .. ohh it's sooo frustrating on the IC..so hope once this is sorted no more injury.. I don't think I can bear the IC again:(

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