Well back in February I decided to call myself "Imnorunner" because it was so true! However 27 runs later and I am now a runner. A slow one, but I can run for 30 minutes without dying or puking!

I am planning to carry on and either get faster or run for longer... :-)

How great is C25K? Soooo glad I bought myself an ipod and got off my ass!

Right off to get my badge :-)

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  • Congratulations! Great effort. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing that badge beside your name, out of date as it is! :)

  • Well done. It is such a great feeling. :)

  • Oh we'll done you I am going into graduation week it's some feeling. The programme is amazing and we are all now running and in such better health. Congratulations enjoy showing off that grad badge.

  • Very well done and congratulations! Welcome to the Grad Club!

    Sue :)

  • Didn't I tell you on your W5R3 blog you were a runner and your name was already out of date? :-P


  • Ha! Yes you did :-)

  • Thank you everyone :-)

  • Congratulations on your graduation! Happy running :)

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