Today I am 60 and am a runner. Yea!

I started c25k last sept because I wanted to be able to run a 1mile race in May with my 3year old grandson who has leukemia.( full story in my profile) I set myself challenge of being fitter for my birthday and yes I have done it . I never thought I would get hooked on running and can honestly say it has changed my life. I ran 5k this morning as 60year old , am having party on Sat with bouncy castle and feel great . If you had told me this a year ago I would just have thought no way --- thank you all for your support.


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40 Replies

  • Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You! Fantastic. You deserve to be well chuffed and I'm sure your grandson and family are really proud of you. Enjoy the champagne tonight/today (!) and I'm so jealous about the bouncy castle!

  • Wow, your story really is amazing and I find you very inspirational! Good on you for doing this, not just for your grandson but for yourself as well. I wish you a very happy birthday, and hope you have a brilliant and fun party on Saturday :)

  • Thanks jenni but I am just a normal mum/ grandma who was in bad place and just needed a wee hand to get going again and running did it

  • I always find it is the normal people who truly care about others that are an inspiration :) and I don't think your reasons for doing it matter in that, the point is that you did it and you have achieved your goal. That is why you are an inspiration, and I'm sure you are an excellent role model for your children and grandchildren :)

  • Thank you jenni

  • Thank you irishprincess Yes I am sooo excited about bouncy castle We have 7 grandchildren under 5 so will be lots of fun

  • Happy birthday and what a journey you have been on. I am so pleased that you found your running feet as it seems to of brought so much into your life. Heres to many happy running filled years for you. X

  • Thanks rfc I reckon I should have another 20 years running ahead!!!!!! But as a start going to pledge to keep running till at least Jan 2016 when grandson will get all clear.

  • Happy Birthday! Wow, you have done so well- makes me put things into perspective. Enjoy your running! x

  • Thanks no excuse I am having lovely day

  • Bouncy castle!!! Can we all come to your party please? WELL DONE YOU! for making these life altering changes in your life. You must let us know when you are doing your very special run in May - we will all want to cheer you on!

  • Yes Beek all welcome to party ! In fact if anyone in edinburgh give me shout and come along The more the merrier

  • Bloomin' well done you! What a tremendous achievement that is.

    HATS OFF and happy 50 tenth!!

  • Thanks dan It's funny my daughter was 35 yesterday and I remember I didn't like my 35th birthday cos I thought that could be 1/2 of my active life gone But today I am so positive and am looking forward to running for years still

  • And all power to you to continue with those positive plans! Age is only a number - it's attitude of mind that keeps you going and young!

  • Happy birthday Rona enjoy your bouncy castle and family party . Lots of cuddles for your grandson Pat :-)

  • Thanks pat

  • Happy birthday and well done you!

  • Thanks TJ

  • Well done - and many happy returns! The big 60 beckons for me too but I have never felt fitter. Ain't life just grand!

  • Well ully r They do say 60 is the new 40 And I get a free bus pass!

  • Bus? you don't need a bus now. Hope you had a smashing birthday. Good luck with your special run training.

  • Thanks waletta

  • Amazing! You should be hugely proud, what a lovely reason to do this. Happy birthday! :)

  • Jen I never thought a promise to 3 Yr old would lead to such a positive change in my life

  • Your story is such a beautiful one and shows that no matter what life throws at us, we can build on what we have. I bet your grandson is so proud of you, what a team! :)

  • Wow, happy birthday. Fab post, I bet you feel great and your family are so proud of you.

  • Thanks hg

  • Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic time at your party - you've earned it!

  • Am really looking forward to it

  • Happy birthday super Fitfor60. I bet your family are so proud of you and especially your grandson. Oo a bouncy castle! Enjoy that.

  • Yea tiny a year ago I would have never have contemplated jumping about on bouncy castle How things have changed

  • I thought 56 was a little late to start running, other than for the bus. Your message has encouraged me to enjoy the programme - and look forward to my own bouncing castle moments when the weather improves :-)

  • You are just a youngster moonmar! I have hired hall for bouncy castle so well be ok Enjoy your running

  • I am glad you are in Scotland, Fitfor60. If you were down south you would need to anchor and tie down your bouncy castle to stop it floating or blowing away. You have proved yet again that we are all capable of loads more than normally believe we can achieve. Happy birthday and many happy running returns.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks mr T Dont need to worry we have hired hall for party so bouncy castle will be indoors We have been really lucky with weather up here Really feel for all people affected by floods and storm

  • Happy Birthday; so pleased you're a runner now. Keep on keeping on!!

  • Thanks ned

  • Belated birthday greetings. Missed this yesterday...must have been focussing on my work for a change! Anyway, hope you had a great birthday and enjoy your party on Saturday. I am visiting my mother in law in Dunfermline otherwise I may well have shown up for a wee shot on the bouncy castle - with my wee grandson in tow :)

  • Hi lizziebeth if your plans change on sat you would be both most welcome to come along for a bounce!

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