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Week Three - Run 2 - Feeling Great

Hi everyone im currently on day 2 of week 3 and I feel great. I was a bit anxious for starting week three but to be honest it as been my most enjoyable week. I think this is due to the fact that I am noticing my fitness levels improving. As a 19 year old I felt I had no excuse to get fit. Looking forward to my run today.

Good luck everyone :)

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Looking forward to week 4


Well done - I remember about that point looking back and being amazed by my progress in such a short time. It's a fantastic feeling! :)

Happy running!


Thanks so glad I started the podcast !! , Did you the last few weeks challenging ? Im nervous for them already


Aw I totally remember loving week 3 too! Keep at it and you will keep surprising yourself! I found week 7 the hardest, but I managed it and graduated today! Keep it up! x


Thanks , congrats on becoming a graduate you must be really proud , hopefully ill be there in 6 weeks time lol


I remember liking week 3 as well! I think weeks one and two were great for getting me out, losing self-consciousness and getting the schedule, but for me they were really stop/start/stop and I preferred it when the weeks began getting a bit longer.


I'm the same , what week are you on now an how are you finding it?


I wonder if 19 isn't one of the best ages to make this transformation in your fitness?

I sometimes figure that schools do a pretty poor job of preparing kids for adult life in terms of sport. They encourage team games on the rather feeble justification that team working is going to be valuable to them "when they enter the world of work", when the reality is that most people don't work in a team ever. It's a remarkable coincidence that the day-to-day costs of team games are far less than individual ones and require much less intellectual effort on the part of the teacher.

When we leave school and become adults we've not discovered many, if any, of the opportunities that exist for solo-sport or fitness, so it's hardly surprising that we don't do enough!

At 19, you are setting out on a new phase of your life and being fit is going to be one of the most important building blocks for that. To have discovered a solo-sport that you are good at, and that you can take to whatever level you wish, at the start of the journey is pretty darn good!

Well done and keep us in the loop on your progress!




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