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Nearing the end - week 9 run 2 done!

Hi everyone,

Well, after the trials and tribulations of week 8, week 9 has been relatively calm so far. One very cold run on Tuesday, another slightly warmer one today, and I covered an extra 200m so now I'm very close to 4.5k for 30minutes :-D

Following advice on here -you guys are WONDERFUL- I'm now going to take an extra day off and go for the graduation run on Sunday morning. The extra day really made a big difference after the problems last week. Thanks again.

Now I can hardly believe I've got to this point (and even feeling pretty good through most of the run - remembering the tomato-faced quivering wreck I was after week 1) so I'm even more surprised to find myself looking at the graduate T-shirts trying to decide what colour to get (erring towards orange at the moment since you asked although it'll clash very badly with both Aldi jacket and my other fleece).... Although I'm really looking forward to getting my new t-shirt I'm wondering if it would be tempting fate to order it before doing the run, so I'm going to hold off for now.

There seem to be a ton of people either graduating in the next few days or just starting week 9 - isn't it great that so many of us have gone along this path, all fighting our own particular difficulties along the way, and now about to emerge the other end! Good luck everyone and I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's graduation experiences.

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Hi thinner and fitter, good to hear things have gone well this week - my week 9 was much better than weeks 7 & 8.

I did my graduation run on Sunday and was so proud of myself. I was really looking forward to my first post graduation run but life and work have got in the way again so it looks like it is going to be Sunday before I get round to it!!!

Good luck for your run and can't wait to read your next post - but enjoy the moment :o)


I'm glad you enjoyed week 9 -- I'm about to end week 8 and am not enjoying it one bit. Good luck for Sunday and very well done xox delia


Well look at you soon the graduate badge! As far as the shirt color, I say order 1 of each! ;-) Gayle


Wow only one run left, well done, looking forward to reading your graduate post. Good Luck


That's brilliant, thinnerandfitter! You should go ahead and order the graduate shirt - it's in the bag! I wondered about colours too although I haven't got round to ordering mine yet! My face tends to go various shades of pink through to red so I was thinking about blue or green to have a bit of colour contrast going on! Best wishes for Sunday, let us know how it goes. :)


Well done and you are sooooo close now! Enjoy these rest days and you will be fine on Sunday.

I had my grad T shirt in my drawer waiting for me and couldnt wait to wear it when I graduated - happy shopping and running!! Sue


Hey, we're at the same place on the programme. Did my second week 9 yesterday and hoping to do the thrid tomorrow. I ran further yesterday than I've ever run after having to have a few days off due to family commitments, helping a disabled friend and the weather. Don't know if that made a difference. I'll be looking for your graduation blog. Good luck. It does feel good to be nearly there, doesn't it!


Thank you all for your good wishes - reading other blogs it seems that a lot of people have problems with week 8 and then for some reason week 9 isn't so bad. I'm beginning to rethink the orange t-shirt - as Oona said above, maybe orange doesn't go so well with a scarlet face! I seem to get everything in blue though so I fancied a change.

Busy Friday here (rest day ha ha - starting with aerobics class in a few mins) so I'll say good luck to everyone running over the weekend - and look forward to reading how everyone did over the coming days!


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