I am the god of hell fire!

I am the god of hell fire!

Those of a certain age will remember The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown ...

The sight of a bloke singing on Top of the Pops with his hair on fire left an indelible mark on this particular man-of-a-certain-age. But this morning I felt like I was repeating the feat. Almost literally - my feet (feat .. feet... get it?) were on fire at the Parkrun.

I had done a 5k+ on my treadmill Friday evening, and it was tough. In fact, it was the perfect excuse to stay in bed this morning. As usual, though, Mrs Malcy kicked me out the door with a cheery wave. (I lie - she was still dead to the world, but it sounds good).

I'd only be doing 2 of the 3 laps so I though I'd start in the middle ranks rather than my usual place right at the back. When we started, I felt myself being pulled along and, well, I finished the run. And finished it in what, according to Nike+, should be a PB - by around 30 seconds!

Isn't it amazing? It's such a mental thing this running. I say it again and again and again, but it IS all in the mind. And it's more evidence that, for me at least, running outside is MUCH easier than using the treadmill.

Wahoo - a result!

However, as is the case in many of my stories, there's a post-script. I'm doing the Great Trail Run in the Lake District in a few weeks and had been telling Mrs Malcy that there's no way I would run 11k across the Lakeland hills ... but if I could run half, I could walk the other half. That way, I would preserve some illusion of being a runner. Now, at the start of today's Parkrun, there was a bloke who was wearing a T-shirt from a hill running festival. Naturally, I made a bee-line for him at the end and asked for some advice. "Build up your distance, young man", he said. "Hills need half as much stamina again as running on the road. "Young man, I thought? Young man? I haven't heard that for a LONG time.

Having procrastinated for a couple of months, I reckoned I should start now. So off I went for another lap of the park. I knew this would be OK because I'd done two extra laps on a previous occasion, and survived. At the end of the second lap, I decided to stop. Job done - I could step up to the third extra lap next week. Except I actually felt OK. Right then, I said to the chimp on my shoulder - back in your cage. A third lap was on. Maybe I'd only get half way round, but I would have tried. End of the third lap - still going, so carried on to the end of the normal Parkrun route. I'd done a second 5k run! And done it in 27m 44s!


We CAN do much, much more than we think we can.


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15 Replies

  • Wow! I mentioned an extra lap to the chap walking up to the barcode scanners next to me but it was said as a joke while still huffing and puffing.

    Well done! Brilliant run!

  • Blimey, Malcy, Crazy World of Arthur Brown?? My hubby went to see him at the Corn Exchange in Bristol....some time ago....!!

    Fantastic result and as for the 'extras' - well, I'm exhausted just reading about it!

    Just to maintain the theme - KEEP ON RUNNING. RUNNING UP THAT HILL. NOT FADE AWAY

  • Haha Malcy that was a brilliant run and smashing blog. We up here Aberdeen had our biggest turn out at Parkrun this morning, 164 a big increase in a few weeks, this running lark is catching on. :)

  • You write brilliantly - so entertaining! Well done Malcy! Thank you for sharing x

  • Fab runs! Well done. I couldn't agree more about us being able to do more than we think we can. I have just posted the very same sentiments. My body continues to amaze me!

  • Way to go Malcy! What a day for smashing PB's, we are all doing it! ;) Yes it is amazing as you say.... I think the 5x50 challenge must be helping us to achieve so much more when we get to run, that and the weather!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  • What a brilliant Parkrun and more! Cracking pace for 5K + 5K! :-)

    Tho' the way be long, let your heart be strong

    Keep right on to the end

  • That should be the C25K anthem!

  • Brilliant Malcy .... you are right about it being mental (in all senses ;-) )

    Before signing up for 5x50 back in Feb I'd just started edging beyond 30 mins for the 1 longer run each week and had done 35,40 and 45 once each before getting various wee niggles in hamstring and groin so pretty much laid off completely in March as a precaution.

    What do you reckon? Big step up or just bit more of the same?

  • Great Malcy! Well done... and I do remember the guy with the hair on fire on Top of the Pops !

  • You've put that tune in my head now !! :-)

    Brilliant run, well done. I'm very envious of your 5k time - I'm still dreaming of beating the 30 minute mark !

  • Me too but its not the time that makes us all winners, its the taking part, we are after all not still on the couch!! ;)

  • Great blog and wow on your second 5K, looking forward to hearing how you get on with the trail running.

  • Funny blog, Malcy - keep 'em coming! How brilliant that you did another 5k - and in such a great time too! So - you will be running most of the great Trail Run then? I bet you can work up to that now! All the best with it - and keep blogging :)

  • I've only just caught up with this -I had wondered what the reference in the later blog was all about!

    That was an amazing run, Malcy! Very inspiring.

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