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In search of the missing mojo

Hi everyone,

I haven't blogged in a while basically because I haven't run in a while. About 3 weeks ago I failed to finish a park run and then life took over - we moved house (enough said) and my running shoes stayed firmly in the shoe rack.

Anyway, I've tried to keep pretending that I can run really - I've kept volunteering at the park run and reading here if not writing much - and this week I've finally felt settled enough to start trying again.

So - yesterday was my first attempt at running since the park run fail (reasons unknown for that - tight legs but basically just stopped). I didn't try to run a particular time or distance - just ran when I could and walked when I couldn't. In the end I did about 4K half running, half walking in 34 mins. I'd know more accurately if I could find which box contains my Garmin charger :-) Could have been worse. I discovered that this end of town (compared to where I used to live) is seriously hilly. I hope this won't be a problem when I start running properly again but I seem to live at the top of one of many hills here. My old routes were all near the river (flat!) - should I drive to there and then run? I'd prefer not to.

Today I have been swimming and did my 24 lengths in 30 mins (just like the 5x50), tomorrow is aerobics and then I'm volunteering yet again at the parkrun on Saturday. Not ready to tackle 5k again yet.

The purpose of writing this is more "rehab" than anything else. Hope everyone else is doing OK.


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I think you shouldn't underestimate the stress and exhaustion of moving house. Give yourself a break. I am sure you'll get on it when you're ready! And if you run down the hill from home, your final walk home will be up the hill and you can feel doubly virtuous!


Hope you feel better now you've got that off your chest :-) don't be so hard on yourself, you did it, got out there again after the stress of moving, sounds like it was more running than walking looking at your time and distance.

Just think you'll be able to do hill work, which will really help your fitness, take care :-)


Embrace the hills - they are good training :-)

Just enjoy your runs while you get used to your new routes.


welcome back and having moved house I am surprised you have the energy to do anything, The mojo will return, it's just been on a break for a bit.


Your blog is like the one I was about to write! I went on holiday on 1st June for 12 days, ran for 15 mins and 20 mins in temperatures of around 28C (yuk!), came home and moved house a week ago today. This morning I found my trainers at the bottom of a box, peering up reproachfully at me, looking sad and lonely. I now live at the hilly end of town and it's all a bit tough!

I hope it all goes well for you and you can get back out there soon. All the best with it and enjoy :)


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