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Must keep this going

Next run was scheduled for yesterday. Was planning to do in the morning, but too late waking up, so thought about it last night (and to get son moving) but son did not want to go out with me (ok for him to go and meet pals in park though!)… so planned to do this morning…..but didn’t happen as felt slight twinge in knee!!

Plan now, is to do the next run in the morning, and to get outside if the knee holds out today. I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE IN!!! So Week 6, Run 2, I will tackle you real soon, I will beat you, and Knee… are going to let me do this!

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Yes yes yes keep this going - but not at the expense of your knee! I hope it feels better but if not there is no harm at all in giving it a rest for an extra day or so. I hpoe it goes well - let us know.


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