I could just go and keep going and going and going

I could just go and keep going and going and going

And in a way I am as I just lost what I'd typed after writing this post.

Anyway, I've not been very good mentally for a few days and at work I just felt like going.

I got home and went for week 9 run 2


There's some other stuff you have missed out on now too. There was a service to say good bye to my use of good English, what happened though was the leaflets I sent out were so vague that nobody made it to the service and went somewhere instead that ended up saving the Earth. It all made perfect sense too from what I can remember.

Oh and here is a picture of a Greyhound and a Saluki for comparison. That made sense too but now I guess everyone will just have to deal with it. Its a bit like if you went to the library and all of the books had been replaced by signed portraits of Joseph Stalin, I say its a bit like that because of the way that It just wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.

I would have stopped the run if I felt any pains but there were none. And its a stupid thing to do what I just did, I felt bad today but the last half of the run was really good mentally.

Theres been so much inspiring stuff for the manchester 10K I might have been overdoing it.

Hope everyone is doing well and thankyou all!


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31 Replies

  • Hope youre okay Kally

    Take care xxx

  • Hey I'm OK honest, thankyou though! Its good to vent through running and on this forum too.

  • That must be very hard to deal with and still cope with work and everyday life. Well done finding it in you to still get out there and run! Why do you say it was a stupid thingto do what you've just done, do you mean running w9 r2?

  • Many thanks, honestly I don't have any problems compared to most people, not sure why I find stuff so difficult. Running helps a lot! And this forum, even just going through the forum and reading peoples posts.

  • hey everyone has problems and just because you think others might have it worse it doesn't mean yours shouldn't matter , tiny things can sometimes be harder to deal with especially if you think you 'should ' be feeling differently to how you actually feel. You are doing brilliantly with the running and although not sensible to have gone so far at this stage you made yourself feel better and you did it in a good time which shows if you let yourself and train properly, you have the potential to run any distance you want! This running lark is so much more than physical fitness, and its good to know there is someone here on this forum for extra support when we all need it 😊

  • Thankyou for that heavyhorse! You make a lot of good points and I know I need to change how I think. Realy do need to learn how to stick with a program!! Afraid of graduating now!

  • don't be afraid! Just make a plan ! What are your goals? Do you want to do longer runs, or faster short runs, or a mixture or a particular race? Maybe the GMR next year? Or just wing it and keep the fitness levels ticking over? The choice is yours and we'll all be here to read your progress!

  • Ive never realy told anyone about this but surprisingly for me I do have goals. If I can keep on top of my mood what I am aiming for..

    In order of realistic(ism?)

    get to 93kg! I'm at 94.9 and when I joined this forum i was at 104.9! So thats awesome, no wonder I can run better! 93 is where I got to last time I tried to get fit. This time I've got you all and I've not drunk any alcohol for about 2 months so when I would have given up before, I go on a walk or do something instead & its loads of calories.

    Forget what I could do a few years ago and enjoy improving on what I can do now, reset all my PB's + lose more weight to about 75 whilst pushing my running pace. once I get to 90 I'm going to try and celebrate every kg.

    Sub 50 min 10K (The manchester one I realy want to do it again)

    sub 45 min 10K

    Do the london marathon

    sub 3 hour marathon*

    2 hour marathon*!

    The last two are where I need to avoid checking my sanity at all costs and instead just kind of casually look at it from the corner of my eye casually as if in passing, just to make sure its still there.

    Ive been reading about Steve Way but even when I was fit before a sub 45min 10K was a long stretch. Also he apparently almost got a 3 hour marathon after 3weeks of training..

    I didnt have a plan then though & that was when I realy went downhill for the first time.

    Also Paula Radcliffe is my new hero. I wish I had appreciated what she had done at the time.

    One thing I need to keep is to just enjoy running though and not care about the times, I spent a lot of time on the treadmill last time so I could know exactly how far/fast etc, not so anymore.

  • hey they're great goals, just need a check sheet and a realistic timescale and get ticking them off! Maybe with the running your mood will stabilise and that would be a great goal in itself. You've been so well I think you can do whatever you want, and running a marathon would be an amazing achievement whatever time you got! I have my short triathlon this year and am going to set myself at least one challenge a year to keep me on track and moving. Maybe a long cycle , or 10 k building up to a half marathon. I've got 1.5/ 2 stone to lose still and that is my underlying goal , to get there and to maintain it. So I think good luck to both of us😊

  • Thanks heavyhorse, I should make a checklist realy, its easy to forget what you've already done!

    Good luck with the triathlon, ive never tried anything like that. I bet you will do great though as you already cycle! Yeah its a good Idea to keep a challenge to keep us going. I find it hard now to figure out if I'm running to lose weight or to get better at running. Although the two go together anyway fortunately :) Well done on getting where you are and good luck on the future achievements! Look forwards to reading your triathlon report!

  • Cool photo of your dogs, not for the first time Kallyfudge . Your Garmin data - 15 km -wow! Fair play to you. That's week 9 all in one go. Hope you're OK.

    You know your friends on here are going to tell you off for pushing it too far, don'tcha?

  • Oh I see. I didn't read the link. 15k wow :-) Hope you can still sit down tomorrow but maybe you just really needed it Kally.

  • My legs were bad when I stopped running!!

  • Hopefully I will be able to let them take advantage of my running a bit when I get back home! Although one pulls forwards and one backwards so it could be interesting, all three dogs is a struggle :)

    Just hoping the police don't call about the library, they withheld some vital information about certain portraits that nobody else but the perpetrator would know about. That would be a big coincidence!

  • Never heard of a Saluki before. What's the third dog?

  • An insane border collie :)

  • Thats the one that pulls forwards!

  • Im glad you're okay Kally xxx I agree with boptillyoudrop49 , maybe it was just what you needed to do to help you deal with the pressure and the stress that you're feeling at the moment .

    Hang on in there , I hope you're feeling a bit better now xxx

    I love that pic of your dogs ! xxx

  • Well done Kally, sounds like you've had quite a week so far...hang in there and look forward to your runs. Hopefully things will calm down before you know it.

    A fab run with a fast kilometre thrown in from what the stats say!

    Well done and stay focused on your goals and lovely dogs plus your running of course😊

  • hope you are ok, and I think you may have done all 3 wk 9 runs in that one if that was over 15 k. I'm glad you felt better mentally on the 2nd half of your run and I hope physically you are not too sore after that mammoth run too. Take care and keep posting. Oh and both the greyhound and saluki look lovely.

  • Hey Kally, how's the legs this morning?

  • They were surprisingly OK! Walked in to work and after about 2K they were fine, still seize up after not moving for a while though..

  • Life gets to us, Kally.. you are handling it and doing positive things.

    It is very hard sometimes, and even harder to see our way past the difficulties. The running is so good for that problem. :)

    The times when you just run... are brilliant and to go on and on... and you were listening to your body too and being sensible... :)

    Be kind to yourself, try to stop beating yourself up with what you think is stupid, and accept the way you feel.

    Be like water? Go with the flow. :)

  • Thankyou Oldfloss! I ran by the river so going like water was a good way of putting it! I realy like the route as I could just keep going and like you say it was an unforced run I just enjoyed it, going to do a bit of walking untill my body gets back in shape, might not make parkrun as I might end up in Skipton this weekend. If so the dogs will get a good walk.

  • Love Skipton:) Runs like yours do the soul good !

  • Kally, you are young, unless your avatar is part of a subterfuge, so your risk of injury is reduced over some of us creaking-at-the-joints old timers, but please don't believe you are immune to doing damage to yourself. Enthusiasm is wonderful but following a training regime that is appropriate to your experience level can take you onto great things, whereas winging it by following your own whim is a recipe for disaster.

    Believe me, l am speaking from experience, injury is a real downer and you should do all you can to avoid it. Keep it under control, keep running, keep smiling.

  • I love your doggies! Hope you are recovering. Sounds like you are dealing with stress in a positive way but hope you haven't overdone it. Take care!

  • Hi Kallyfudge , hope youre feeling okay and things have been a bit easier for you today .

    Take care xxx

  • Hey thankyou poppypug & sorry about the late reply. Reading all of these comments helped, & I'm beginning to think my mind might be blowing things out of proportion. Might just have a walk instead of running tonight!

    Thanks for your help and hope you are OK too!

  • Really good to hear from you Kally , and I am so glad youre feeling better about things. Stress can make us feel really horrible cant it ?

    Yes, Skipton would be great this weekend, and your dogs would just love it !

    Im fine , thankyou for asking :-) xxx

  • Take it easy Kally.

    That is a fantastic run and I am pleased that you are progressing so well.

    With that said, such a big increase in distance, is risky for a new runner. Muscle and joint injuries can appear from nowhere when you body is not used to that level of exertion.

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