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Feelings of guilt

My next run is week 5 run 1 and I'm quite looking forward to it. Initially I planned to run this evening (all my runs so far have been around 8.30 at night) but this afternoon I made my mind up to try an early morning run just to see how I fare. Well I've a few days off work and thought I'd give it a try. Also I've climbed over 220 flights of stairs today within 3 hours! and my knee is giving me a little bit of grief. Not may I add that I'd use that as an excuse not to run! Thing is ever since I started the c25k I've run every other day without fail, never more than a days rest between and every time I've run I gone that little further than the run before, my pace has increased that little bit more too. So here I am sitting down thinking to myself that I've actually let myself down by not having run tonight! Time to find a film on tv and drop the guilt I think.

Good night all


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Hold up now Paul! You've come so far and achieved way too much to be feeling guilty! Think of all the progress you've made in less than 5 weeks. As you've probably already realized things are stepping up now, your body will probably be grateful for a night in front of the TV. It doesn't mean you've failed just that you've had the good sense not to push yourself too hard after what sounds like a pretty physical day anyway.

Keep grinning and get back out there tomorrow, you might find that you've got more energy as you're more rested. Good luck and keep us posted :D


YES DROP THE GUILT! Look how far you have come!! You enjoy the night off and your run will be all the more enjoyable for it x


Don't feel guilty!! You've done the sensible thing and given your poor body a much-needed chance to recover a bit.

Rest assured, one more day's rest will not make you lose any fitness. Quite the opposite, actually - you'll probably find your next run is a really good one.

You've done brilliantly well to get this far in such a short time, and you'll do the rest as well. Enjoy your night in, and enjoy your next run as well :-)


Don't feel guilty. Like you I was running every other day but found that once the running got longer I needed to give my knees and ankle a bit more of a rest between. Sometimes I feel better for a rest of a couple of days. Good luck with week 5.


I found a two-day rest between the later weeks was well worth while. No guilt needed - it's just sensible listening to the body!


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