Disaster of a week and feeling deflated *SIGH*

Do excuse me for whinging, but I need a few words of encouragement I think!

I was doing so well, I completed W5R3 on Saturday morning- the big 20 minutes.. and was so chuffed with myself! And since then it's all gone a bit tits up to be honest!

I went down to Birmingham Pride afterwards on that Saturday - had a bit too good of a time! Sunday we had a hangover carvery before heading home.

I attempted the next run, W6R1, on Monday - and failed dismally as I was hit with a sudden bit of ladies-type-stomach cramps! (Sorry guys). And I think a combo of still being a little hungover, combined with what was to follow that evening - norovirus! Think I picked it up from the carvery maybe... so that struck me down and out for a couple more days. I was wanting to try again this morning but last night both of my knees were really hurting me so I've decided to take yet another rest day. Gonna try again tomorrow morning...

I know there's no rush to complete the programme but I'm just a bit disheartened because I'd not missed one session until now! And next week I'm due to give blood and I know that's gonna set me back again.

It's just a bit frustrating as the programme is just starting to get a bit more serious and I feel like I can't get going - but am chomping at the bit!

Such is life I guess :)


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11 Replies

  • Oh dear sorry to hear you are feeling a bit deflated at the mo. As my old ma used to say, "it won't always be dark at six!"

    Too much carvery lays heavy so you have to hold back on the roasties and yorkies now you're a running machine

    I think few runners get through the 9 weeks without an injury. If you do you're lucky.

    Try and think positive and do a bit of daydreaming about graduating at week 9

  • Heehee thank you misswobble :) though I think a suspiciously dirty spoon might have been the cause of my erm, illness! Honestly it was like a scene from the Exorcist!! :/

    I'll get there in the end :D x

  • Sorry to hear about your carvery, illness and injury woes. :-( It can't be at all nice but try to stay positive and you'll be out running again before you know it - and graduating as well! Definitely rest while you're not feeling great; you don't want to risk further mishap!

  • Good point - well made :) Thanks Miles :) x

  • I had to rest in beginning, frustrating as hell, but it paid off, I rested and was fine. I also had a bad run today, though I did manage it, now that was mega disappointing after the previous days run which I stormed, same route, but totally different results, its all sent to try us ! Hang in there, as soon as your better, get out there and try again ( word of warning Week 6 run 1 , is deceptively difficult, so if you struggle dont get disheartened, it wont be because of your sickness, we have all struggled thru this one, Good luck and let us know how youve fared tomorrow

  • Thanks Judes :) Yes I've read other people say the same thing about this next run. Gonna try and take it easy in the morning :) x

  • You might not need to worry about giving blood setting you back. I went off to the Vampires last Weds after running in the morning, checked whilst there that I'd be OK to run on Friday - and went out and did so. It was a bit slow, which might have been due to the depletion of my blood but could also have been the result of having to run a couple of hundred yards through longish grass and then trying to persuade the dog that he wanted me more than he wanted to eat the feral cat he'd chased halfway up a tree (the cat swore enough to convince the dog that it was me he preferred after all).

    Good luck, anyway: let us know how you do.

  • Thanks Becca :) Yeah I guess everyone is different.. I do normally feel a bit weak and lightheaded for a day or so afterwards though (before I started C25K!) So we shall see :) I don't know how people manage running with their dogs! :D But they do make for amusing stories hehe. Thanks again :) x

  • Blimey! After all that I think you can be excused for having a little whinge :) It must be sooooo frustrating for you but better to be safe than sorry and risk an injury trying to come back too soon. Rest up, take it easy and come back fighting fit and ready to blitz week 6. Good luck and hope you recover soon.

  • Aww thank you very much Paul :) x

  • You're welcome ;)

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