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Newbie here!!

Hi everyone!!

I have been reading all your blogs and comments for the past 4 weeks and decided that I should join you all in your amazing journey's. I am a 37 yrs old and finally decided that I should really get myself fit. Doesn't sound too unreasonable does it??....... To put you in the picture I am a 20 a day ex smoker (gave up 11 months ago) who has never exercised since school days so all my friends and family are kinda astounded by the new me. I am due to do week 3 run 3 tomorrow.. eek!!!!

Last year I could not walk upstairs without getting tired so this is a huge achievement for me. I love the feeling after I have completed a run and feel so proud of myself. I really want to do the 5k race for life at the end of June.

It's been great reading all your posts for advice etc and you are all doing so well!

I am kinda nervous for week 4 but at the same time excited to see if it's achievable!

Look forward to chatting with you all.

Lou :)

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Lou, welcome and congratulations on the no smoking! I smoked for years and quit, it is very challenging. Congrats on starting the program as well! It truly is an excellent program and this is a fantastic Community for support. :-) Gayle


Welcome Lou! Another ex smoker here too! It was truly the best, but hardest thing I've ever done. But not far behind that was C25K which also changed my life and I haven't looked back. Week on week you will amaze yourself with your progress (and as you have already noticed, amaze others around you).


Hay welcome :) I too have read lots of blogs and not posted but I changed that today :D Well done on stopping smoking I've never smoked myself but I know from friends how hard it is so big pat on the back for you. I started last september and graduated in january it has been an amazing journey and I've loved it (even the tough bits) I look forward to hearing how you are doing and supporting you as you go!!! :D

LJ xx


Hi, well done on stopping smoking! I'm an ex smoker too. Have you signed up to the race yet? The sooner you do the better, & it will help keep you motivated. Keep up the good work, it will be worth it.


Hello & welcome. Good luck with tomorrow's last run of W3. Try not to worry about W4 too much. I thought 5 minutes without stopping sounded impossible when I was at that point in the program but it was fine. You'll be ready so just go for it and enjoy. I'm doing the first run of W8 tomorrow. Hopefully I'll manage those extra 3 minutes to get up to 28 & even more importantly my leggings will stay up this time! (See my blog from yesterday).

Claire x


Hi, I'm also hoping to be running 5 k in time for the race for life in June and am just on week 4. I'm finding the biggest battle is with my mind this week (lungs and legs seem to be coping slightly better) so with the mental strength you had it give up smoking, you'll breeze through it!


Hi Lou. It is an addiction but a much better one than nicotine :-). I'm on wk 7 and doing race for life in may so you'll be fine to do it in June. I had zero running ability at the start so am living proof that the programme works miracles! Keep up the great work.


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