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Week 4 run 3 - Progressing to week 5

Hi all.

I've been reading the posts on here with great interest and you are all keeping me going! Week 4 was tough, and bitty but I did it! (Bitty because I couldn't get out a few times). But here is my question. I completed week 4 run 3 on Monday 10th. It was tough, but I did it, and pushed myself to run some extra at the end. However, for various reasons, I haven't commenced week 5 yet, and it may have to wait until Monday this week, the 17th. Do people who've made the progression think this is too long a gap, and think I should repeat the week, or should I embrace it and go with it, week 5 Run 1?

Cheers guys and thanks!


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I really have no idea, I am to do W5R1 tomorrow and I've noticed that it is actually only 15 minutes of running as opposed to W4R3 16 minutes of running. I usually do 4 runs per week as I don't feel confident moving up after just 3 runs, so it really depends on you. Have you been doing any other form of exercise in this last week?


I actually found W5R1 easier than week 4. I found the 90s breaks in week 4 slightly insufficient recovery time, whereas on the first run of week 5 you have nice 3 minute breaks in between your runs. I would give week 5 a shot myself and see how I went but it's up to you really and what you feel comfortable doing!


Thanks for the advice! I'll give week 5 run 1 a go and see how it goes! Hoping to get out today for it! Fingers crossed!


Just done week 5 run 1. Feels amazing now and I'm so proud!

I didn't think I'd be able to make it but I did! Such a good feeling!!


Yippeee, well done :D


Hey Rich, we're at the same point in the plan, I just did W5R1 tonight! I too feel great about it! I don't think I've been this fit since school!


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