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Week1Run3 - puffed out!

Did the final run of week 1 today but on the very last 60 second run I could only do about 58 seconds and then had to walk for the last two seconds. I did run 2 just fine two days before. A question for all of you who have already 'been there, done that'. Should I repeat week 1 because of this or just carry on to week 2 in a few days time? Don't want to push myself too hard – but maybe it was just a bad day? Having only done three days so far it's kinda hard to make a judgement on this. Thanks for your help.

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If you only walked for 2 seconds, I'd just carry on with week 2!


If you are able to do most of the runs for the week, go ahead and try the next week, in spite of a minor setback here and there. The possible exceptions could be weeks 5, 6 and 7 - where it ramps up pretty dramatically. For the most part, however, be bold!

I see it this way: if I am *probably* ready to progress, I go ahead and try it. Worst case scenario, I find it too hard and go back to the previous week. I have confidence that week 2 will be just fine!


I struggled on W1 R2, I honestly thought I was going to need to repeat week 1, even though I managed to complete the workout, I felt ready to collapse afterwards ... I was mortified after R1 was ok! But R3 went fab, I asked on here also and apparently you get 'bad run days' :) if it was only 2secs on your last run I would try week 2, you can always go back to week 1 if you feel you need to :)


I had the same issues and repeated WK1 then I was going to repeat it for a third time for fear of 'hurting' myself. A few people on here advised me to trust the plan and attempt to move felt like a massive hurdle moving from wk1 to wk2. I was brave yesterday and did my first wk2 run and completed it! I am 40+ and 5st over weight...surely if I can do it....but listen to your own bod and let that tell you what to do :)


Some of the runs in each week vary greatly... I personally have found that each run might hinge on how much rest I had in between, not necessarily from running... different times of day, number of hours of sleep, walks on days off, etc. I start W4 tomorrow. My first run of Week 3 I had to cheat a little to finish it. I couldn't make the final 3 minute run... and part of it became a fast walk... but I knew in my heart of heart that I did not give a proper rest on my days off ( it was two days in between finishing week 2 and starting week 3)... so I gave myself proper rest before starting W3R2 and slowed my pace... listening to Laura tell me to pace myself... it worked beautifully and the next two runs of the week were sometimes, it's paying attention to what we did before we did the run, during it (for me too much speed) and readjusting for the next one...

If you only struggled the last two seconds... I say GoForIt :) :)

Good luck!!


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