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Week 7 Run 3 - Wardrobe Malfunction!

Hello everyone. This is my first blog on here although I have been reading all your brilliant blogs for a few weeks now! I've found them helpful, funny, inspirational, sometimes sad but mostly I'm so impressed at how supportive you all are to each other.

I started my Couch25K adventure on the 25th February 2013 after being told about it by my sister-in-law. Today I completed Week 7 Run 3. I cannot believe how far I've come in just a few weeks, struggling with the 60 second runs in week 1 & now about to embark on 28 minutes! I am loving it & I'm hooked now. I've had a few giggles & niggles along the way. I've run in every weather condition (or that's how it feels). Early weeks saw me out in snow, sleet, rain, wind & now suddenly the temperature has shot up! On Week 2 I thought I'd take my dog along too. Thought it would do him good & also it made me feel safe as one of my routes is round quiet country lanes surrounded by fields. Well dear Laura was in full flow.....then a little bit more naff thing was 3 2 1 start running. Just as she said it Jasper decides that this is a good time to do his business! So instead of running I'm faffing about picking up dog poo in my little plastic bag. There I am trying to pause Laura.....then I lose my place. Aaargh!!! Finally back on track & off we go. Somehow it's not quite the same when you're running around swinging your poo bag though is it???!! Haven't taken the dog since as his bowels are too unpredictable!!

So I've been carrying on going out three times a week usually when my two sons are at school & nursery. Easter holidays meant having to run in the evenings or early Sunday morning. No real problems as such. Wouldn't say it's been easy but I'm very determined. Earphones kept popping out.....sorted with some hook over the ear ones for my birthday. So a runners water bottle. Runny nose....don't forget tissue (snot on the back of hand is not a good look). Weather getting warmer.....get some Lycra three quarter length running leggings. Wore the leggings today for the first time. Modelled them for hubby & had a little jog on the spot at home. Looked good & like a proper runner when I left the house. Five minute warm up walk OK. Start running & after about ten steps they're on the slide! Oh heck. Yank them up....down they go again. After about 2 minutes my knickers are sliding down with them!! All I can say is thank god I was wearing my running jacket otherwise I may have been arrested for indecent exposure!! The crotch of my leggings was determined to approach my knees. What to do??? Headed home to change into faithful track suit bottoms. Out the door again & completed the 25 minutes, bottoms intact this time!

Any recommendations for a good pair of leggings with strong waist elastic much appreciated?!! The ones I had on were cheap ones from JJB Run 365. Avoid at all costs!

Bye for now. Claire.

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Just love the name!!! :D Your trials and tribulations made me laugh. Still, you're one determined lady. Look forward to hearing all about your next run, with or without the leggings.


Great blog, Claire :D I quite often have problems with my bottoms going South, not that wear lycra though!

Congratulations on completing W7 and Good Luck with W8!


Lovely blog Claire!

Bemused by the tissues... what do you think sleeves were invented for?? :-)

Re leggings, I got mine from sports direct and they don't fall down... might be worth a look?


Lol, your runs sound fun (if a little nerve wracking at what might happen).

I'd recommend the Karimor three-quarter runnng tights from Sports Direct (you can buy online too and they often have better bargains on the website than in store) - very stretchy, comfy and you can pull them up like a pair of tights (and we all know how far tights go up!) so they are nice and secure. No good these hipster leggings for running lol - we need the 'armpit warmers' for a secure fit ;-)


Welcome to the forum... after such a long time alone! I'm at the same stage as you though I started a few weeks before you (I repeated some runs/weeks to make sure my old, overweight body could cope properly). Anyway, loved your blog - all too familiar with multi-stopping pooches, and had a giggle about your running leggings. I've promised myself some really smart 3/4 ones as a graduation treat and because, by then, in a couple of weeks time, I'm hoping the sun might be out a little more regularly. In the meantime I've had good experiences with a pair of running leggings I bought at Sainsburys - of all places!!!! I didn't want to spend too much money in the early weeks and these have been just fine - I've worn thermals under them when the ice and snow was about, and they have a little hidden pocket in the deep waistband for phone/mp3 player. They have been washed and dried many times and no sign of getting slacker.

Now I'm running with my own music, so I pop my MP3 player in an armband (Tesco), my phone in the waistband pocket and my tissues and glasses in a very thin flat zipped purse-like thing on a waist strap (Tesco)(from the travel accessory gondola) .... I guess they are designed for travellers to wear discreetly under a jacket etc.

Hope this helps a bit? Look forward to seeing how you get on for your last few runs as we approach graduation together. Lots of luck, Linda :)


Oooh! I have Sainburys running leggings as well but I don't have a hidden pocket :O (had to run upstairs and check when I read this!). I agree, they are great, have had them for 14 weeks now and they have not lost any elasticity despite frequent washing and stay firmly in place for the whole run. Their exercise bras are great too. If only they sold exercise lungs and legs I might be able to run a bit faster!


Like :-)


Oh Claire that did make me laugh thank you. I took run with my dog but always make sure she has a number 2 in the garden before we leave but on the odd occasion I have been in the swinging poo bag situ, not pleasant.


Thanks for such a great blog. Really made me laugh. I could just picture you waving your dog-poo bag around with your trollies heading south! Brilliant!


Welcome! A very funny blog too! :)


Karrimor from Sports Direct for me too, they are the best and great value for money.


I loved your blog, especially the whole dog poo fiasco! I got my leggings really cheaply from sports direct, they are fitted and comfy and stay put. They also have a zip for my iphone, although on week 1 run 1 I got home desperate for the loo, sat down, heard a 'plop' and realised the flipping phone had fallen out of the pocket into the loo ( bye bye Laura), not a great start, but I have learnt now. So get yourself down to a sports direct, get the leggings, and the matching tops are great too ( mine are all Karrimoor...not sure I spelt it right). You are doing so well, Good luck with week 8, I am on run 3 of week 8 tomorrow........eeek Xxx



I have a pair of these running tights and same happened to me ! Was gutted as brought matching top too anyway next run went back to tracksuit bottoms that have a nice drawstring so don't move so got me thinking took drawstring out of tracksuit made small hole on inside of running tights threaded through drawsting so ends only show on inside and there you have it extra support ! I have run twice in them since no problems don't move at all and will do till I lose a little more weight and can buy next size down ! Hope that helps till you get new ones keep running Kate x


Great blog! An welcome, i run with my dog and i know exactly what you mean regards poo bags. I got a little bum bag now hold tissues, phone and in a seperate compartment poo bags. I feel much safer running with my dog as i live in the country so i run on lanes only an with my ipod in i feel on edge but with my dog im so much more relaxed as i know shes got her ears open to people an cars well mainly tractors. Well done for getting this far.As for leggings i cart help on that as i still wearing my tracky bottoms though when the weather warms up will probably upgrade to leggings. Good luck an keep the blogs coming



Yet another sympathiser on the leggings - I have some that did the same! Mine weren't cheap ones - Adidas Supernova (I needed a specific colour to match a T-shirt I was given). Fortunately I was able to run some 1 inch wide elastic around the top and they're not going anywhere now!

This seems to be something to look out for - certainly when I looked other reviewers on the Adidas website had similar problems.

As for recommendations - well not the most interesting, but my old trusty M&S leggings have done me well!

Good luck with the rest of the program.

Ann x


I've just woken my dog laughing at your blog and some of the replies!!

What a great bunch you all are! I get all my stuff from sports direct too it's great and a good price although I still can't find a bra for my bum!!! how many weeks till that stops bouncing?????


LJ xx


:-) Made me laugh. All my running stuff and I have lots lol, bottle, jackets, leggings, belt for water bottle and phone to name but a few; has all been bought from Sports Direct and it's all Karrimor, no complaints and it's cheap


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