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Week 1, Run 1

I completed the first podcast for the first time today :D I'm really proud of myself. I started this in November last year, but wasn't able to complete the first podcast all the way through, it really hurt my lungs and legs. I've lost about half a stone since then, and thought I'd give C25K a go again today.

I have a day off work today, and the suns out so I find it easy to not think of excuses.

Does anyone have advice for when to do the run on 'work' day? I work 9-530, but am out of the house from 8-630 due to public transport etc. Any suggestions?

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Congratulations! That's a fantastic achievement. Often the first time out is the hardest - just getting out of the door. And well done on the weight loss. That's no easy task, I know!

I run Friday afternoons (early finish at work), Sunday mornings (or when I've got up!) and Tuesday evenings after work. As I work full time but flexible hours I could get home anything from 5pm to 7:30 pm on Monday-Thursday depending on when I manage to get away and on work load/meetings/traffic etc etc.

I find it best to get the run done before I settle down to do anything else that evening. If I flop in the sofa I might not get up again so it's off with the work clothes and on with the running gear. Half an hour later = job done :D

Good luck! I look forward to reading your next successful blog :)


We work and have the same situation. Try to schedule your run just as soon as you get home so you don't have a chance to sit down and then probably put it off. Could you prepare your running clothes the night before so they're ready to go? Also, could you take a bottle of water and maybe a banana to have when leaving work? Very well done on the weight loss and awesome job in starting the program again! Gayle


I am planning to keep my running gear in the car on days I plan to run. Get changed in the showers in the basement car park

I use a mapping program on the iPad so I can look at the area around work

Congrats on getting out the house and losing the weight to get you going .... Feels good


Well done on losing the weight and then coming back for more on here! :)

I did a lot of my runs by stopping off on the way home from work - it meant I could vary the route, which helped to distract me from the feelings in my legs! Interesting exploring different places too, that I'd just driven past loads of times.

Enjoy your running. :)


Hats off to you for giving it another go :-) and congrats on the excellent weight loss.

As for when to run... are you naturally an early riser? If so, get the runs out of the way first thing... and you'll be charged up for the day ahead too. If not, try out the suggestions above... or (if you have the time and amenities) consider running during your lunchbreak.


Well done! My hubbie and I just finished week one. I hate mornings so its a rush before work so the 2 week day ones we do after work and the weekend we do when we get up!


Well done! I am just doing week 1 as well. I am also struggling to find time on work days but I now get up earlier and try to fit it in before I go as I am pants in the evenings :)


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