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A Slow Week

I ran w7r2 this morning so a run behind after this week but getting there. I'm still waiting on a scan for my gallbladder and I hope it's soon because it's getting a lot more uncomfortable and I've had some quite painful days where I've put off running. I now have my father and brother in law visiting so time is very tight! Maybe not a bad thing though because running itself is never too bad, but the pain kicks in on the cool down walk. I read a bit about running and gallbladder area pain and some people suggest it's to do with how your breathing changes after you run....dunno about that though.

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I'm no expert but your gallbladder is just under your diaphragm so maybe the heavy breathing during exercise and recovery 'jolts' it around a bit and dislodges the stones so that they lodge in your bile duct? Thats when you get the pain which lasts until the stone is passed. Never had that but I believe it's excruciating :O


I had my Gallbladder removed around 4 yrs ago, unusual for a man as it more affects women so I am told, Gall bladder was full of stones. Pain was probably as bad as it gets in the end.

You cannot pass a Gall stone in a good way, correct they can enter your pancreas which is not a good thing, the only remedy for Gall stones is keyhole surgery to remove the Gall bladder.

I really feel for you

Initial symptoms were like indigestion or pressure under the middle sternum, paracetamol sorted that no problem, as the pain got worse waiting for the operation I was on 30/500 codeine.

Since it was removed I have had no issues at all.

Hope it all goes well for you .... Get it removed and you will be fine


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