Slow WK9R1. Any tips!?

Hi Everyone,

This is only my second post as I am terrified of jinxing my progress as this is the 3rd or 4th time I've tried Couch25K, and I'm nearly there and don't want to flunk after making any bold claims on here!! I do lurk around the forum everyday though, and have benefited greatly this attempt from all your experience and advice. I'd be glad of your thoughts on this post please!

So I've made it to Week 9, and did run1 night before last. Actually went better than Weeks 7 & 8, felt better in myself and even ended up keeping going an extra 2 mins as I'd forgot to start the running app on my phone when I started running after the warm up. I'm using Runtastic.

In the 30 mins the app logged, I only managed to do 2.3 miles (plus 2 mins unlogged) so I felt a bit defeated. 13+ mins to run a mile! I'm not expecting to be running 5K in 30 mins at all, but was hoping for 5K in about 37 - and at this rate it looks like I'm way off that.

What I realised was, that because of focussing so much on the 'slow and steady' approach for fear of not getting to the end of each podcast, I'm very nervous of pushing the pace in case I run out of steam. I finished run 1 feeling really good and not exhausted so I know I could push harder, but I just don't know how to do it! Sounds daft I know, but what I'm after your advice on, is strategy. Do I run the first 5, 10 mins at a slow pace, then speed up half way or mix it up a bit or just push hard on the last 5?? What do you do?

Also have any of you tried Couchto5K+? Stepping stone, speed and stamina? Any thoughts on these?

Thanks v much for any advice in advance!

Hope you all have good runs today!



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18 Replies

  • I wouldn't push it at all. The idea is to finish the session and graduate. No bravado, no drama, just a leisurely run. If you run within your capability you will enjoy yourself and not get flustered or out of puff. You want to enjoy this as it's such an important day. It's Graduation Day so you want to do it right

    Set off slow, steady and with a smile on your face. End the same way

    Go geddit!!!!!!!

  • Forgot to add that the Stepping Stones podcasts are great. Do them by all means. Do them repeatedly! You'll then be ready for Bridge to 10 k

  • Brill. Thanks for the pep talk! I am enjoying it, but just fried my head a bit by looking at stats the other night ( for the first time ever). I shall continue with what I've been doing!

  • Don't worry about the speed at all. The important thing is to gain confidence in your mind and body that you can run for 30 minutes or more. Honestly, the speed will improve as you run more. Just try to enjoy it, as Miss W says. When you enjoy it, and the more you run, your fitness will improve and performances with it.

  • Thanks for that - it is a confidence thing for me, I'll focus on consolidating the 30 mins then .

  • Finish the program as is - you're doing great. Once you graduate you can have some fun with speed. I started doing faster 20 minute fartlek runs once a week or so after graduation, it sped me up a lot. For those I'd just run faster to the next mailbox or tree then slow down again. If I pushed too hard I'd walk. Then pick another visual target and up your pace again. If you do it have fun with it. It's like running when you were 6 again. No rules. Run at lots of different speeds for different distances over that 20 minutes or so

  • I love that idea! Zooming like a 6 year old. Thank you.

  • I agree with the other posts. Don't worry about your pace at this stage. Virtually every graduate on here is running faster now than when they graduated, even if they are not particularly fussed about pb s as part of their running. Post graduation ( if you want) you can train to bring the pace up. For the time being, focus on how far you've come and how close you are to graduation. Good luck :)

  • Thanks for that - that's really what I need to keep reminding myself of en route!

  • I agree with the others - don't worry about the distance for now. Get your body used to running for 30 minutes.

    After graduation, try the Stamina podcast, which has you running at 3 different speeds (laura counts along to the beat of the music, 1,2,3,4 for each speed, to help you).

    That will (hopefully) give you a feel for what you think your 'comfort zone' is and and then you can think about pushing on from that. There are sites you can download music from that has a specific 'beat per minute' so you could get some tracks to suit your chosen 'increased' pace (except I can't remember where from now lol) and work on running a bit faster/covering more distance in that way.

  • Thank you ! that's really helpful advice. I think I'd feel more confident sticking with Laura a bit longer, til I'm sure of what I'm capable of.

  • Slow is always better than injured! In response to your second question, the Stepping Stone podcasts come recommended by a lot of us, they're great fun and it's good to stick with Laura.

  • HA! YES. Thanks for this - I kept saying this to myself last night during run2! I'm downloading stepping stone for next week.

  • You will graduate when you run for thirty minutes, three times. It is not relevant how much ground you cover. You are also far more likely to keep up the habit if you are running at a comfortable pace rather than exhausting yourself with each run. This is a long term thing, hopefully, and is well worth taking your time. Good luck and relax.

  • Thanks for this, i think I only fully appreciated this last night ( run 2). At graduation-ish stage I'm really just at the start of my 'journey' (yuk) , got a lot to learn, a lot more running to do before I get all bound up with more advanced concepts!

  • Although it's called c25k Laura says the aim is to run for 30 minutes non stop. For some that will be 5k but I'm guessing that for a lot it will be less. I'm a week behind you and I'm sure I won't be fast enough to do 5k in 30 mins but I do expect to be able to run for 30 mins and for me, that will be a massive achievement. 5k in 30mins is what I'll work towards after I graduate. Good luck with the rest of w9 xx

  • Thank you and you will! I did WK9R2 last night and it went ok, so that's 2 x 30 mins now. The thing is we all come in to this as individuals, all different, shapes, sizes, ages, health issues etc - so the outcomes will be individual too. I am most chuffed about the fact I've stuck to the program this time, in spite of a pretty stressful homelife at the mo, limited time, dodgy weather, but have kept going. I really really hope the running become a non- negotiable, scheduled in part of my life from now on. Good luck with wk8 xx

  • Thank you, I'm hoping it becomes part of my regular routine too x

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