Week 6 done, but painful and painfully slow

I have now finished week 6. I use the term "finished" lightly here, because it wasn't easy and the last run was particularly difficult. At points along the way during the last run, I slowed to almost a walk so I could catch my breath for a second. But, I "ran" through the finish and did feel a sense of accomplishment (no matter how fleeting). I am disappointed, though, that I can't run the entire 25 minutes. I don't feel like a proper runner, regardless of what Laura said.

I've also been battling some soreness and tigthness. I first noticed the tightness in my groin after W5R3. I put an extra day of rest between the runs in week 6. That seemed to help, but I still have some soreness/tightness in my groin region. Stretching before the last run seemed to help, but the pain has not gone away completely. I've also noticed some stiffness in my ankle and pain in the shins. I'm having trouble determining if these are signs of a real injury or mere soreness from the increased activity.

I am determined to push forward as I don't want to lose momentum and want to be prepared to run in my friend's charity 5k run at the end of October. I will rest an extra day or two this week before I run W7R1. Hopefully, the soreness will subside and I cant get on track with the runs with a day of rest between each.

I know I've come along way from the first run of week 1, but really wish I felt better about my performance at this stage.


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11 Replies

  • So happy to see a posting from you TexasDad!! I had noticed it had been awhile since a blog posting and was hoping all was well. Week 6 was rough for me as well. Mentally, weeks 6-8 the gremlins were out with a vengeance! Doubting my ability and feeling like I should be progressing more then I was. TexasDad, you are doing totally awesome! Look back at the first week or two...now you are ready to take on week 7! How cool is that??!! :-)

  • Nice to be missed, gdeann! You're so positive and encouraging. I really need that right now. So, thanks! Those darn gremlins are so persistent. I know much of this is mental, but the mental stuff can be so difficult to overcome. It's so easy to quit and so hard to tell yourself not to quit. I often look back at week 1 and do gain some measure of satisfaction from my progress to this point. I'm going to rest up and try to tackle week 7 in a few days. I'm ready to have a good run. It's been a while. I hope your runs have gone well lately. Thanks again for popping in with your positive reinforcement.

  • Haha!! Positive not!! You need to go back and read my week 6 through 8 blogs. I finally gave myself a stern talking to and am facing week 9 with a much better outlook. ;-) its a struggle every single run but we will get there.

  • I did read your "kick in the patootie" blog. I think I need one as well (a kick, not a patootie-already have one of those in XL). I'm determined to get this right and will carry on. I'm ready to start W7, but still need a day or two of rest while my groin heals. In the end, I still think you are very positive (at least when encouraging others). :)

    Best of luck with week 9. Graduation is on your horizon.

  • I found wk6r3 hard going but finished it. Am not at all fast but know if I can keep jogging for the full 25 mins then will get faster and hopefully go further, have looked into doing a 5k fun run to try and inspire me to go further and give me a real aim, don't know if I will be brave enough to actually sign up but it helps having a goal. Running wk7r1 tomorrow hopefully it will get easier for both of us!:-)

  • Thanks, rolphie! I hope W7R1 went well for you. Take care and keep running.

  • Good to hear from TD, like Gdean I wondered when you'd next check in. Sorry to hear about the soreness, probably nothing, just requires the extra day you're about to give yourself. I hope if fades away and you can get back to some comfortable runs. Good luck.

  • Hey, Chewy. Thanks for the response. The soreness seems to be lightening up a bit. A day or two more of rest and I should be ready to go with W7. I really need a good outing to pick up my confidence.

  • Welcome back TexasDad. Good to see you are still going for it. Don't despair: you will get there and achieve what you want to achieve. I found early on that controlling my pace let me control all the other bits: distance, breathing, improving my stride and so on. Whatever you do, you've come a long way and can do it. As gdeann says sometimes you need to give yourself that little talk too! Go for it.

  • Thanks for the peptalk, janda! I'm still in the game, though I'd like to get over the soreness and get back to running regularly so as not to lose whatever momentum I have. I still don't feel like I have a good handle on breathing and stride, but I have come a long way from that first week. It's been a good journey, but I'm still not where I want to be. So, I'll keep on keeping on. Thanks again.

  • texasdad, try getting some insoles for your running shoes, that should help your shinsplints and ankle pain, I guess it's a slow process but that pain must go at some stage

    I'm forever hopefull

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