C25K - new pain every week?

Hi! So I am on week 2 of C25K and wanted to ask about muscle pain etc. I know it's very normal to experience pain when you start a new exercise regime especially high impact like running. But I feel like every couple of days I have something new. Lol. The first week was really bad arch pain - so bad I was concerned it was plantar fascitisis but after two rest days it has cleared up and not been a bother. Now, week 2, it's my calves - I really struggled to finish my run the other day cause the pain was so bad when I was running. I pushed through but for the past 2 days I've been in agony and by the time I get home after being on my feet chasing little ones all day it's been unbearable by the time I get home. Thing about tired legs is it makes your mind feel tired too! Just wondering what I can do to help it? I have been doing stretches after the app but maybe not enough? I know it's a good pain as my muscles are getting stronger and adapting but must be something I can do to ease it other than a hot bath lol :)! X


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  • Squats and lunges, calf raises, core strengthening etc. Get a foam roller too and use it religiously evry day while swearing a lot. Do some more squats.

  • foam rollers are great, painful, but great!

  • Thinking of getting one - is there a good website for exercises with it? want to make sure i know what to do with it.

  • Hi Rogueybear, I have no solution for you, but I am in exactly the same position as you! Week 2....pain in one calf. It started on the last run of week 1 and as I started to do the first run of week 2 it was back. I finished and hobbled home, stretched and rested it but I can still feel it when walking. My second run will be tomorrow as I can't do it today, but i will be interested to see what suggestions people have. I wonder if we will mirror each other with aches and pains?! :)

  • Ah i will follow you! Nice to know i am not the only one. The pain has travelled up my hip. I'm ok all day at work but as soon as I sit down on the bus everything just seizes up! Lol want to try a foam roller

  • Your body is getting used to the new routine, it'll stop once it's got the message. One thing though: Make sure you drink enough water. It's often overlooked, but hydration is crucial to avoid cramps. You lose lots of water when you run so make sure you've drunk regularly throughout the day (I don't eat or drink in the hour before running though, because I get a stitch if I do).

  • Aches and pains are your badge of honour for getting out there in the early weeks. Do all the strengthening exercises you can in between runs, and just keep running. Eventually, your body will get used to it. If it's bad, just take extra rest days between runs. You'll get there!

  • Another fan of the foam roller. If you can't get your hands on one quickly then use a rolling pin on your calves. I assume you have proper shoes?

  • Hi yeah I forked out on proper shoes to avoid injury :)!

  • A new pain only every couple of days? Sounds like you're getting off easy. They're meant to come at least every day, with multiple new pains on carefully selected bonus days ;)

  • :-) How will you know that you are a runner if you don't wake up every morning with an aching body :-) ????

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