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Week 3, run 1

Started Week 3 today.

Still suffering with a bad chest so breathing isn't easy and made the runs tougher than perhaps they should've been.

First 3 minute run was really hard, made worse by the uphill route, but by the second one I was into my stride and coped much better.

I now know I can run for 3 minutes so Monday should be less of a shock!

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Well done! You doubled your previous longest spell of running, and you did it uphill!!

Very bad planning, but very good effort!! ;-)

Onwards and upwards (quite literally, in your case :-) )


Thanks for your blog. I start my W3 today. Will be going out at about 5pm for R1. i was kind of dreading doing the 3 min runs. Hopefully I'll make it round my route. I also have a slight uphill gradient which always seemed to come at the halfway point on W2 runs. The good thing is the next second half starts off down hill. So by all accounts it looks like I will be in the same situation today. Wish me luck.


You'll be fine.

The worst bit is being worried about not being able to do it! And having done it, there's nothing to worry about.

Let me know how it goes.


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