Getting back in the running saddle

Been having a lot of difficulty with runs recently, stopping after 10 mins to catch my breath before running again then only for a further 5mins before the same again.

So it was back to Laura week 9 and yes it works!!!!

I am back now runnng 40 mins (6km) non stop & feeling good again.

Looking forward to my runs instead of dreading them.

Aim now is to get back up to 10km, but no rush.

3 Replies

  • Laura to the rescue! ;) Glad it worked and you will be back at 10k in no time I'm sure.


  • glad to hear you are getting back on track and feeling better about your running. As you said, no rush. Enjoy the journey :-)

  • It's very reassuring to hear Laura's voice again, isn't it? I think it's the mental conditioning - you know you did it the first time so you know you can again! 40 minutes is great - all the best with the push back up to 10k :)

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