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Felt like donkey do-do, but brilliant run!

I'm constantly amazed at how much of this running lark is mental rather than physical. I sat up last night getting a new version of a web site for my local business association set up for launch today. As always, I had left it until the last minute and didn't finish until almost 3am, after which I just had to have some toast and some ice cream. Not, I hasten to add, ice-cream on toast. Hmmm - now there's an idea ...

Would I do this morning's Parkrun? Nah.

But I woke up at my usual 7:30-ish, lay for an hour and thought "Bo**ocks - there's no point ignoring it", so headed off to Parkrunland. St Andrews in a three-lap format. I started from the back as usual and made my way past the back-markers as usual. But half-way through the first lap, the most peculiar thing happened. Despite having had only 4 hours sleep (or maybe because I was still sleeping?), my feet felt light, like I was running on marshmallow, and I just kind of floated along. That stayed with me right to the end, and I did a pretty respectable 26 1/2 minutes or so. I'd have been happy to drop out at the end of lap one, and delighted to get round twice. Instead, this was probably one of the easiest Parkruns I've done!

How can this be? Maybe I was actually still in bed and dreaming. Maybe I'm not actually typing this blog. Maybe there was a cross-over from a parallel universe in which that guy Bolt can only stand and watch from the side of the track while I'm doing a run. Hmmm.

I'm now off to top up my 5x50 score with an hour long walk. Am I tempting fate? Heaven help me!

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Fantastic malcy! I had a similar 'floating' experience this week and it was brilliant! :) Maybe The Challenge has transported us to a new place or we have been smoking something dodgy!! ;) 8-) Enjoy the walk; that's what I did early this morning to clear my head after too many whiskies last night! :( There was no way I could run a fourth day in a row either...... Maybe I should have tried toast and ice cream to counter the effects.....!

Have a fab weekend!



That's brilliant Malcy. I'm still waiting for a run like that!


Wow marshmallow legs! I want some too!

Last night I had a gigantic ice cream -- hot choc sauce + cocoa butter + meringue + cookie flavoured (real) ice-cream. Tmi? Probably. 26 degrees here and far too hot to do anything much after 9 am.

Well done Malcy!


I bet you're on marshmallow cloud nine with parkrun like that.


Wow, well done Malcy! Fantastic time! Parkrun legend running on marshmallow legs!

After driving home from daughters wedding (somehow I ended up sober and drove drunken son, eldest daughter and grandson home) we then had 2 1/2 hours chatting about the events of the day over tea and muesli; 3am into bed but I slept through the start time of Parkrun, only woken by the dog barking at the postman delivering more wedding presents, damned internet!

Oh well, there's always the week after next as I'll be driving home from Wales next Saturday... :-)


Wedding? You kept that quiet! I bet you did your 5K round the dance floor ...


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