Week 9 run 1 Nearly gave up but glad I didn’t

So haven’t run since Saturday so the guilt started to slip in today but I resigned myself that it wasn’t the end of the world I could still get 3 runs in this week. Then I did the most silliness thing and weighed myself I’ve lost an incredible 1lb despite eating healthy etc etc disappointed was not the word! Added to the fact that I had an appt in a crepe bar/waffle bar this afternoon all in the line of duty so tucked into waffle with peanut butter ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce (I had no choice but to indulge) first taste of anything sweet in nearly two months. So after this I resigned myself that I should give up running what was the point. But somehow I got my trainers on and ran for a full 30 minutes. I guess it’s a nun scale victory as I couldn’t even run for a minute 9 weeks ago and tbh never run in my life even as a child. So there’s a moral I’m this story I felt great and really felt like the running was doing me good until I stepped on the dreaded scales so I think I should ditch them and not let them dictate my moods what do we all think ?


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  • Don’t worry about the scales. The weight will come off but the other health benefits from running 🏃‍♀️ are brilliant

  • Running is good. Running is healthy. Keep up the good work.

    When we first start running, we often find that the expenditure of energy makes us think we can eat more. If we want to lose weight, you must eat less than you expend. Alcohol or soda pop and some fruit juices are high in sugar so ditch those if you can and just drink plain water.

    The other thing when we start running is it can cause some inflammation in muscles and joints and so you may carrying a little more water. It's temporary.

    What's next for you?


  • Well, I’ve had EXACTLY the same week as you .... Wk8R3 ....haven’t been on scales for weeks ... must have lost some surely?! No choc/sweets/crisps (well only once!) and cutting down on alcohol ... 0.5 lb !! What??? What’s the point? Then decided at least it hasn’t gone up by 7lb!!! Need to graduate ... but worried after that once achieved the goal ... but no results on scales 😩

  • It’s no fun is it. But I am going to keep going and be positive eventually the magic will work ! I drink at least 3lts of water a day and don’t drink fizzy drinks so that’s not the issue. But from what I’ve read on these boards it’s only once you graduate that the scales start moving doing 30 mins + a day. I am going to move on to the bridge to 10k a I thought process is that I couldn’t run for a minute now doing 30 so I am sure I can build up over the weeks xx

  • Muscle is heavier than fat..at least that's what I keep telling myself. I've done everything; cut down on alcohol, sugar, started eating fruit, upped my water intake. Cut out crisps, chocolates etc. Cut down portion size and started the c25k. And I've lost a total of....(drum role)....3lbs. My measurements haven't changed, but I feel fitter and I love running. I would love to be 8 and a half stone again, but unless I cut off an arm or leg, (not much use when you're running) I can't see it happening....do I really care?.....no not really as long as I don't get bigger...lol

  • This is not a weight loss programme or forum.... you may or may not lose weight .. this is a great sister site...


    The running will help, only if you are following a healthy eating and a healthy exercise regime... i.e. ditch the scales.. ditch the white death ( sugar) move a lot more) :)

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