I felt like a runner today

First run in the rain and quite windy as many of you have also experienced this morning. R1 of W9 went well. Even picked up the pace a bit in the last minute by striding out a little more which made it feel like I was actually running rather than just dragging my sorry self at a snails pace. So, I CAN run for 30 minutes! Who'd have believed it?

Just two more runs to go.......

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  • Fantastic work , especially in this weather! Well done for getting out there & completing Run 1, how exciting, nearly there!!! X

  • Thanks MarlyParly. I can't wipe stupid grin of my face this morning!. SB x

  • Me - I would have! Nearly there! Wind and rain unexpectedly invigorating this morning ...

  • Nearly there!!!!! Yes wind and rain and running in the dark pretty much certainly kept me on my toes. SB x

  • All my runs so far have been in pretty good weather. That is going to be a real challenge to get out there when it is wet and windy!! Well done, nearly there now :0)

  • Same here Running Knitter. It was quite a challenge at 06:30 this morning. What are we going to do when its frosty/icy/snowy?

  • I have a feeling i might cheat occasionally and run on my treadmill!!

  • a big jolt to the system going out in the cold & rain, but you've done it now & yes you can run for 30 mins. and you're so close to graduation too. Well done

  • Only another hour of running before graduation - yay

  • That's because you ARE a runner ! You're nearly there and doing SO well..

  • Thanks HenPen. Loving this plan! x

  • Fantastic work, almost there!! I havent done a run yet, although I have run in the cold wind. x

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