W7R1 - I felt like a runner today

W7R1 - I felt like a runner today

Up until now, I have felt like a novice plodding along, often glancing at my watch desperate for it to tell me that I can stop for a walk.

Today felt different. I never felt like I wanted to stop, I wasn't puffing like a steam train and was even able to forget about breathing, running form and, for a while, even how fast/slow I was running.

My route didn't allow me to cover 5k today but I think I could have done that without too much trouble, instead I put in a little bit of a 'sprint' finish over the last 400m or so.

I hope you can excuse the trumpet blowing element of the above, I think the main point here is just how effective this program is. Just 8 weeks ago, I wouldn't run 50yds to catch a train and hadn't done any serious exercise in the thick end of 20 years. The truth, of course, is that I am still very much a novice but the progress I have made in such a short period is ridiculous.

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  • Well done Dunder, great pace aswell!! don't feel bad about blowing your trumpet, you deserve to be proud :D

  • Thanks jules. Not long until graduation for you.

  • I know, 2 more runs!! Can't wait :D

  • :) Well done! It's a great feeling when it all goes right. Brilliant run.

  • Thanks ASP. I know there will be bad runs to come but I guess they are worth it for days like today.

  • Well done! That must be a great feeling. I can't wait to reach that point where I'm just running and not having to think about it - although I have seen glimpses of it :-)

    It really does work, doesn't it? - although I'll get back to you after I've done my W5R3 tomorrow :-D

  • Thanks Sazzle.

    Just take it easy and you will be fine. W5R3 looks and sounds scary but it's bark is worse than it's bite.

  • That's the runners high making you blow your trumpet and rightly so I think! Isn't it amazing when you hit the right pace, wonderful just bounding along and alls right with the world. X

  • It is a lovely morning which I think probably contributed Sparky.

    Congrats, again, on the graduation.

  • Great Run. Its fantastic when the run bug hits you :)

    Not fantastic when you forget to charge phone fully and you can only track half your morning run :(

  • Bummer indeed.

    I am part of the Garmin clique (you will join the dark side) and thankfully haven't had that problem yet. Runkeeper did cause me a bit of grief when I used it but I think that was because I had it installed on a 5yo smartphone which probably didn't have sufficient 'power' to cope.

  • Drooling over a 610 on my other screen as I type :)

  • I can thoroughly recommend the 610. Because it's a last season's model you can get a very good price on it at the moment. It's quite a capable watch.

  • Looks like a nice piece of kit!

  • Well done Dunder, nowt wrong in blowing your own trumpet ! :-)

    Id even go the whole hog and get the complete brass band in for your graduation ha ha :-D xxx

  • He he. This is Kent m'dear, the neighbours would have a fit if I interrupted afternoon tea with that racket.

  • Time to get that backing group together. Get the girls together with the triangle and the tambourine. Tom Jones can wait till we've finished.

  • Ha ha Yeah !

    We can say " Not now Sir Tom, we're busy ! , Get in the queue " :-D xxx

  • Hay blow away - You did great. Those times are to be proud of. Not long till graduation now. Then the world is your running field. Well done have a great weekend :)

  • Thanks Stef. You too.

  • Well done dunder. You blow that trumpet for all you are worth. It sounds to me like you entered that ever elusive and mysterious 'zone' that we all seek. :)

  • Thanks R56. I wouldn't quite go that far but it was definitely a different experience.

  • Good one, Dunder. You've proved to yourself that you can run.

  • Thanks Adam. Needless to say you run in a completely different timezone to me in terms of pace but small steps and all of that........

  • Dunder, it's only a few months ago that I would have been very happy with the time you've recorded. Once you reach the 5K and consolidate your times will start coming down. I started a bit earlier on the programme than you did - that's all.

  • Good to know Adam but endurance is my primary goal, specifically a 4:30 marathon on April 17th next year. As I say, small steps...............

  • good on you Dunder the runner !!! :-)

  • Thanks Lou.

  • It's great when it all comes together and it's effortless, it makes all those other unpleasant miles disappear into the darkest recesses. All progress is down to the effort you have put in so far, just don't get carried away ! Very well done anyway.

  • Thanks. Well I wouldn't quite say effortless henpen but it was so much easier than my week 6 efforts. I won't get complacent though, my next run will be my first proper effort on a trail so that will slow me down and keep me on my toes.

  • Trumpet blowing definitely allowed! It's such a great feeling when you get a good run like that and lovely to read about it too. Well done! :)

  • Thanks beaner.

  • It's just lovely when it all comes together like that!

  • Indeed it is Ully.

  • Yeee- hah! Dunder is the bestest. Whoop whoop! Loved reading about your exploit - and chuffed to bits for you. I am very impressed by your wiggly chart thingummy jig- that upward trend is the complete opposite of mine at the end of the same run (mine was digging a hole under the base line :) ) As you say, it's seeing how far you've got since those first chest-heaving, gasping one minute runs that is just incredible.

  • Ha ha M, you are one helluva crazy gal ! I love ya to bits :-D xxx

  • I'm a grade A nutter, but hell, I'm happy this way.

  • Yes you are , I have to agree ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks. Yes quite proud of the wiggly thing and genuinely amazed that I could finish that strongly. I wasn't really confident prior to heading out this morning.

  • You're covering the distance in a good pace there! Keep up the good work!

  • Yes sir. Will do sir.

  • Great post Dunder and lovely even pace too. Not long now to graduation, blow that trumpet as much as you like! :)

  • Thanks AM. Graduation does seem a lot closer now.

    Fingers crossed that you can see progress with your ankle soon.

  • Thats brilliant dunder ! What a great pace,glad you had a run that made you feel happy! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks ali.

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