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Starting to love these runs!

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I loved this run.

It feels like the whole sessions are getting quicker now.

As I keep saying, I'm giving myself focus tasks on these runs. This time I focused on technique. I read the other night when my legs were aching that you have to make sure you're landing on the balls of your feet and that you have to make sure your shoulders are loose.

So today that's what I focused on because I wasn't sure if my legs were aching because of my running techniques or not. I figured out that I'm definitely not landing on my toes or heels so that's good.

I keep doing the meditation body scan techniques and I focused on the music too.

It was actually a good run. I ran way too fast on my first 90 second run as I realised I had run a much further distance than I usually do for 90 seconds! I quickly remembered why pacing myself is so important when I realised I only had 90 seconds to recover before my 3 minute run.

I paced myself good from then on and it went smooth.

Oh and on my last run a Doozer McDooze track came on! I see him play all the time so I thought one of his songs would be the last thing I wanna hear 😂 but actually hearing his voice in my ear gave me a good push, I ran that last three minutes at an awesome pace even though my body wanted to stop and lay down in the middle of the path 😂

It ended sooner than I was expecting. Time goes quite slow when you're running but feels very fast when it's over. That's weird isn't it?

Anyway, loved this run. I feel really good. I'm finding myself wishing I had a run to do on my days off, but I am sticking to this programme religiously and will do as I'm told because I know myself and I know I just get overexcited sometimes 😂

I'm a mixture of nervous and excited for the next run.

Running for 5 minutes will take absolutely FOREVEEEEEERRRRR

I can't wait to prove to myself I can do it though. Physically my body is doing it.

I find that running for a long time mentally is the bit that's hardest because of how my mind races. I just gotta practise my meditation with some real dedication now 👍

Anyone else feel that this is more of a mental challenge than a physical one sometimes?

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Go you! I’m not going to have time today so W3R2 will have to wait till tomorrow for me....... and I find myself disappointed 😂

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ktsok in reply to E27M14

Just means you have it to look forward to tomorrow :)

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It’s absolutely a mental thing... and remains so as it increases your fitness and beyond. The physical side kinda takes care of itself.

Great running... 5 minutes will fly by!

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Good work, BirdyRose! Glad you enjoyed the run. Pacing is the hardest thing to get right at first, and I still set off a bit too fast sometimes after a year of running! You are not wrong about the mental challenge, either. I learned very early on to not engage with my brain when it started spouting negative thoughts on a run. I literally tell myself, "nope, not having this conversation with you right now. La la la [fingers in ears]. Works a treat. Luckily I don't have to employ it often now :-)

Forefoot striking (landing on middle or ball of foot) is way better than heel striking, apparently. Though be warned, you can suffer some calf pain when moving over to forefoot striking. May I recommend calf raises whilst brushing your teeth? (Exercise by stealth!) This really strengthens the ole calf muscles.

Keep a going, BirdyRose!

Sadie-runs x

Absolutely, mentally I’m never ready but my body now knows better 😊 you’re doing great 👍

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I'm glad you had a good run 👍, I do love the selfies, always makes me smile, so thank you 🙌

And yes at times it does seem like a mental challenge than physical, especially when those pesky Gremlins wake up!

But you're doing just great BirdyRose... Keep it up 💪

Definitely a mental rather than physical challenge as I now run without the time checks, vow not to look at Strava whilst running and concentrate on the rhythm of my running and the route I’ve planned. I don’t care how long I’ve been running. I just know I have to complete the route, which I have been gradually adding to. Seems to be working for me. Happy Running 😊

Definitely feeling that it’s more of a psychological challenge - unless running too fast, in which case the lungs pack up and it’s definitely a physical issue!

I have been much more positive this week. You seem to be buzzing too! I think it’s a combo of stronger legs and a burgeoning belief in this program and my ability to follow it... on day 1 running for 3 minutes seemed impossible. We know it isn’t now! So why not 5... or 20?


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