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5min runs compared to 15 minute runs

This week, I have had 3 runs of around 6.5K each . The first 2 were B210K week 2 runs which were 3 x15 minute runs with 1 minute walk between - the third was 8x5 minute runs with 1 minute walk between. Essentially therefore , the third run involved 5 minutes less running/5minutes more walking.

I think the energy expended on all three runs was very similar - however, I probably enjoyed the last run the best. I can't say that I especially enjoy non-stop running, so I find even 15 minutes to be a bit painful - I can do it for a 5K Parkrun but if I am going to start longer runs, I think the run/walk strategy is more enjoyable.

Anyway, I used Runkeeper for all three runs and the average pace for each of the three was almost identical - only a few seconds per K between them.

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Food for thought, Bazza, but can I really stop myself running and walk for a minute?


I'm glad you've found something that works for you, I still have the 'walking is cheating' gremlin on my shoulder :S


It's weird isn't it? Well done Bazza and it doesn't matter how you do it, the fact is, you are doing it. Have a great weekend :)


I'm with you Baz, finding the run walk much more enjoyable and similarly paced to continuous running - possibly an age thing?


I think it is matter of pace. When I run non-stop I think I run more conservatively because I can't judge my pace well. But when I know that I only have 5 minutes to run, it doesn,t matter that much.


It's strange how different we all are Bazza, by this stage in B210K I was finding the walks quite intrusive, especially the one at 16 minutes which seemed to come just when I was getting into 'the zone'. Having said that using intervals then slowly removing them got me to 10K so I'm not complaining. I also found as the interval were removed my average pace didn't alter all that much.

I guess you do what ever works for you :)


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