5.2k in 34 minutes and 15 Seconds, not bad heh?

Yeahh I did it again!! 5.2K in 34 minutes and 16 Seconds. I did not rush until the last 2 minutes, then ran a bit faster. I was a bit tired than day before so very happy with my achievement! Little bit more to make it under 30 minutes..I know the secret now, it is always the same speed of steps all the way, it really helps. In fact I did feel tired in the first 5-10 minutes and afterwards legs kept on going. The Banana just before leaving work helped too, and sadly going to have Kentucky fried Chicken for dinner today as a treat to our son for being good!!


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17 Replies

  • Your are doing fabulous. :-) Can't beat banana power. :-)

  • Oh yeah Oh Yeahh!! Thanks caz1_ca!

  • Go banana girl, go! You are doing soooooo well! :) Enjoy that chicken too!

  • Thanks very much greenlegs, feeling like a Spring Chicken!!

  • A banana a run makes it much more fun :) Smashing time you are doing really well, you deserve a Garmin. :)

  • Thank you oldgirl..it's all banana power! I wish I knew the exact distance I am running..!

  • Get a Garmin ;-)

  • Thinking about it...still thinking...!! Tx!

  • Wow that's brilliant well done

  • Thank you..

  • Well done.

    Whereabouts have you got to in the C25K programme? I'm just finished week 2 and am completing my 5k circuit in 40mins which is terribly slow.



  • Hi Graham, I think it is ok to go slow..you can always speed up later on. When I was on my W2 I was going slow too, I think I did my 5K around 40 minutes at the time. I am on my W7R2 now, so I was happy when I finished yesterday’s run so happy when I did the run yesterday under 35 minutes. I try to speed up when I can..I have a target-doing Race for Life in July and wanting to complete the 5K under 30 minutes. Good luck to you for your running, slow and steady is the secret!

  • Thank you. I'm getting better, at least. I used to run all round this 5k circuit and took about 40mins, now I am only actually running for 8-10 minutes, and walking the rest, but I'm still finishing in the same time, which makes me realise that I must have been shuffling before!

    Ah well.. Keep up the good work and good luck with the Race For Life.

    Cheers, Graham

  • Well done!!! Nothing like a good old kfc for a treat!! I too find the first 5 to 10mins the worst i keep asking my self why am i doing this to my body, then i seem to settle into my stride, and when finished im smilling like a cheshire cat so pleased with my self for getting through i, its a brilliant buzz at the end and iv got to admit its getting adictive. Iv managed 4.89km so far ( just the running part) wk8R1. What week are you on? Keep up the brilliant work youll soon crack 5k in the 30mins.

  • Thank you hacw, funny you said that, I was just telling a colleague today at work that I seem to get addicted to running! I did not think in million years that I would say that. I think I like the challenge, loving it in fact. I do not run with anyone, run/jog on my own..and I simply cannot believe that I did this for the last 6 weeks or more. The commitment, heh?! I am on my W7R2. Good luck to you for your running!!

  • Well done your time is brilliant! It's funny how this programme changes your whole approach to running isn't it? I was telling a super fit colleague today about the programme and asking for tips - it wouldn't have happened a few months back!!

  • Thank you helenf28, if someone told me few weeks ago that I would be running 25 minutes non stop in April and liking it, I would think that they may have gone mad! It is an amazingly great programme, me liking it very muchly! Good luck to you for your running!!

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