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From a shaky 60 seconds to 60 minutes in 3 months

I started the programme in mid February after realising that a combination of a 65th birthday, failure to complete a couple of steep hikes in the Pyrenees and some weak swimming meant I'd have to try a lot harder to get to the fitness levels that I want. So I found the programme and was slightly shocked to fail to complete all the 60 second repeats in week 1 run 1 - and then again the 8 and 10 minute repeat runs in week 6. But the structure really worked for me and the programme gave me an appetite for running which I didn't expect. So now I find myself going for times and distances that I wouldn't have considered remotely possible three months (or, come to that, even a month) ago. Risibly slowly at times of course, but finding now that breathing is under control at a certain speed (ie. if I go slowly enough! - thanks everyone :) ) and legs not letting me down as quickly as before.

So today I started off on another intervals session, and once again failed to achieve the fastest tempo - so instead ditched it and settled back into a steady rhythm thinking, I'll just carry on along the beach road for a bit. Then I cut across to the lake where I've run before and ran along its shore for a while. After 40 minutes I was still quite a way from home so there was no incentive to stop and walk. And I thought that maybe I'd feel OK to go past my best distance to date of 8k. So I plodded on to the 8k and then thought, well, I'll see if I can do an hour. With an hour up, it was almost 9k so I just had to do that ...

It hardly seems possible that one can go from barely running at all to 'running' for an hour in such a short time – and yet it also shows how instinctive and natural running is for us. We don't have to learn or need special lessons in 'how' to run (at this level at any rate), we just get out and do it. The only problem is the getting out, and how long we can do it for....

It's great – I love the feeling that exercise rewards you with, that energy that lasts through the rest of the day. Keep enoying the pace everyone. :)

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Well done Landesman! I started out almost 10 months ago and am just as surprised as you that I ran for an hour on B210K W3R1. We are obviously born to run ;-)

I'll be running in Innsbruck on Wednesday and really cannot wait!


Born again runners - what a frightening thought.

Innsbruck sounds like fun, if somewhat hilly. 8-)


This is so inspiring, thanks for sharing! I just got to 45 min and I hope to be running as long as you soon. It's the best when you get to the point where you can just keep on adding "oh maybe 1k more"!


Thanks, it really feels as though you can get to a point where running at a certain (slow) speed you can just keep going. I found 30 minutes hard at first, but then just seemed to be able to go further after that as long as I set myself a goal. Once the body can cope with 30 (or even better, 45) minutes, it's all in the mind! :)


Well done you ...........some great progress over a short time.

46mins today was enought for me.


Thanks. It amazes me at least!

46 minutes is a long time running - well past the point of no return... :)


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