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W3 R3 complete, still determined.

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Just finished week 3 another early morning Pre 6am run, I've definitely found my perfect time before the rest of world wakes up with the distractions that wake with it.

So far so good looking forward apprehensively to week 4 as seems a big step up from 9 minutes running to 16!

This I'm sure will give me a proper workout and test me mentally but I'm ready to take it on!

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Well done you! It is a beautiful morning.. I am just off now :)

That time is perfect isn't it... the world beginning to stir and you running.. You are doing wonderfully. just keep it slow and steady, you will be ready for the next steps :)

Well done. I go out early in the morning and it's sooo peaceful. Have a lovely day x

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Keep thinking about trying an early run but my bed keeps me captive!😉

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Certainly enjoying the programme, give it ago jaxdreamer, set alarm early then get up and go it's a great feeling, even saw the sunrise today amazing view.

I love early morning runs and workouts and at this time of year especially.

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Definitely agree with the early morning being the best time! Well done for completing W3. It is a step up but make sure you don't go off too fast and you will have enough in the tank to get through.

Well done! I love early morning for running, its peaceful, cool and it's sets my mood for the rest of the day.

Well done, good for you! :)

Well done! Feel like I'm really struggling with W3😔I know it's meant to be challenging just one step at a time I guess!💪🏼

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FrankelGraduate in reply to Em-95

It's meant to be challenging keep going remember the feeling when u finish each run.

Yeah!!!! Well done. I have just finished this run and have found like you how nice it is when you run early morning.

I am a bit apprehensive about week 4 but going to give it a try.

Will be following your posts x

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