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Week 7 aches

Hi all,

I finished week 6 on Monday (absolutely nailed the 25 minute run, so chuffed!) and am due to start week 7 today but my calves are still quite achey from Monday (because I've never run that far in my life, however slowly I may have been going!). Because it's all long runs from now on, should I give myself another day or so to recover and ease myself into longer running or should I just go for it?

Thanks :)

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Take an extra day whenever you need to... your body needs time to readjust. These longer runs will leave you more drained, so it's essential you listen to your body. :D

Are you stretching after each run? See the NHS Strength&Flex videos for some really simple, but effective, calf/thigh/hamstring stretches:


Hi I did W6R3 on Sunday so am a day ahead of you.

I had a 2 day break and did W7R1 this morning which I think worked quite well. Still found it hard, but managed to complete it.

I did have achey legs last couple of days but then I have had achey legs through the whole program, I was so unfit to start with!


I found an extra day or two between the longer runs were very beneficial in letting my muscles recover and my approaching the run more rested and ready to go. Welcome to week 7!!! :-) Gayle


Thanks for your replies, I've had an extra day's rest and I'm feeling much better for it! Off out this lunchtime to kick off week 7, wish me luck! :D


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