Week 7 complete!!!

Had to start it again. I did run 1 on Bank Holiday Monday, before seting out for a re-enactment week at Corfe Castle. Living in a tent, with a dog to look after, public to talk to from 10 - 5 each day and no access to showers, the hilly land around looked less and less inviting, so I regretfully decided it would be wise to start Week 7 again this Monday, back at home. Wondered if I should have back-tracked to Week 6 after the break, but couldn't face that idea, so I went for it (slowly). It's been a really hard week, but I'm so pleased I've done it. Weekend off, and Week 8 starts on Monday. I'm getting there.....

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  • Well done. Two weeks to go!

    Mmmn, no showers - I can see why you gave the running a miss!

  • Yayayay well done! I'm half way through Week 7 and understand your concerns about keeping up momentum! Had a panic the other day when our boiler gave up the ghost and I was worried having no hot water might interrupt my programme! Fortunately it was fixed the same day so I'm reet :D

  • Well done :) I've just started my w7 and did my first run last night. Looking forward to completing it :)

  • Sounds like a good decision! Well done. Happy week8 ! :)

  • Brilliant stuff! You are getting really close now, so keep it up; you've done all the hard preparation :)

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