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W2 R1 & R2

So two runs into week 2, haven't enjoyed it as much this week. Nothing to do with the runs themselves more to do with the gym being full both days. It's the first time I've ran with so many people around ( who are all much fitter than myself ). But I've got on with it as I'm not gonna give up this time. Besides I make them look good so I bet I'm more than welcome lol.

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Sorry you've had a bad few runs, might be a scary thought by why not head outside and try a run.

Completely different but more distractions.

And definitely do not give a flying hoot about what anyone else is doing (unless they're doing something illegal or are in need of help obviously)

Good luck and keep going.


Yep, I'd say get outside. Forget what you might look like, how hot or cold it is and get out in the fresh air, you'll feel so much better for it :-) it will be easier to transition now than if you complete a few weeks on the treadmill and then try to run outside. Good luck :-)


My hat goes off to you for running in a crowded gym... shows great commitment and bravery. I prefer running outdoors where no one (or almost) can see me!

If you do decide to switch to the great outdoors, increase the incline on the treadmill in preparation as the ground is never 100% flat.

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I don't mind running outside ( last time I tried this all my runs were outdoor ones) there is a nice park next to where I live, its purely for convenience at the moment that I'm in the gym and funny as it might sound I've less chance of putting off a run if I go straight to the gym from work. I reckon once I'm a few weeks into the program and the running bug kicks in i'll be using the park more as it is much better running when surrounded by all the greenery


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