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Feel a cheat to log 10k

Spent the day today in legoland with four children of various ages, over by the roller coasters (grown up area) little one announces "I want the diggers" so off we trudge, to the opposite side of this huge place, just to keep everyone happy this is the pattern of the day. I have walked back and fourth around and round for 8 hours and 15 mins, to top it all the place closes at 6pm when everyone announces "I want to go to the shop" at 5.55pm!!!!, I have to 'run' up hill pushing buggy with remnants of picnic water bottles ect in a ruck sack on my back! Just to buy a bloody sword and shield (that had to be taken away for 30 mins for hitting his brother) :-(

Now when I was logging my activity tonight I felt really guilty putting 10k as I hadn't done my Tuesday run as normal (back too late) but I am absolutely knackered, my legs are killing me, I'm sure I covered it, sure I did x

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Don't feel a cheat because you are absolutely not. I will explain why I feel this:

I logged my walks around Sydney when on holiday and because I was wearing a garmin the whole time it was amazing how many kilometres I logged up. Ok I wasn't running or cycling, or doing the walk in a designated time zone, (just stopping and starting the garmin when we stopped to look) but I was walking and not sitting on a sunlounger around the pool.

You weren't wearing a garmin, but the fact that you were on the go, walking 'back and forth, around and around' for over 8 hours I would guess you did 10k and more, and you were active and not sitting at home in front of the TV.

Your legs will feel it today :O


I have spent MANY a happy hour at Legoland and there is a huge area to cover, especially if you have children of varying ages. I swear my legs (and my head) ached more after a day there than after a 10k run!


Definitely not cheating - I bet if you'd had a Garmin on you'd easily have clocked up 10 k. Besides I'd love to see the Garmin output from a trip on a rollercoaster :-D

I think my 38 mins on the Wii Fit last night is more of a cheat - as I said last night it is at least activity I wouldn't have done otherwise but hardly a huge effort. Been having a few hard days - it'll be better when the schools go back and I have a particularly nasty bit of admin (the kind that costs money and loses me sleep) out of the way.


Definitely not are up and moving :) Running around after kids for 8 hours is an amazing amount of kms...well done :-D


Well thanks all above, now I don't feel that guilty, stiff as card thismorning so I'm thinking I did do enough, also thinking about it I'm really chuffed I managed to run up that hill with the buggy, passing all those other mums puffing and pantin, I would NEVER have been able to do that 3 monts ago, xx


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