Did not feel like it today!!!

Did not feel like it today!!!

I am on W7. This morning I was due to do R2. I do my midweek runs before work, so the alarm is set for 5.30am.

This morning for the first time since I started this programe, the alarm actually woke me up (no not a deep sleeper, normally I am awake beforehand).

Today I really, really did not want to run. I have not felt like it before, but today I could not be bothered - the thought of the long run was quite depressing. Still, I went through the motions an , reluctantly, I headed out the door.

Throughout my warm-up walk I was sure I would be giving up and heading back. I started my run and the gremlins, normally bored by about 5 minutes, hitched a lift on my back and sat whispering in my ear for the whole first half of the run.

They had quietened down, until Mr Johnson announced 5 mins left, and they pounced again, but by this time I had nothing to lose.

When Michael told me I had 60 seconds left and suggested I finish strongly, I ran like my a**e was on fire. At the end I was exhausted, but I was so satisfied that I had anything left. That was the best I have ever finished.

Lesson learned: The day when I really don't 'feel' like it, is maybe the day when I just might have a great run. There is no way to tell.

So, for anyone else who is just no feeling it - don't put it off. Today could be your greatest run... And if its not, what have you lost? But if you don't run, it never will be and you will never know.


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9 Replies

  • Great post...and the mindset of a runner! Good luck with the rest of the programme!🙂

  • Thanks Sandraj39, the real eye opener for me in these latter weeks has been how much of a mental game this running malarkey is

  • The mental battle is huge - crack that and it makes a huge difference. When you're out running and it feels a bit tough - remember, 'never judge how the next km will feel by the one you're running now'! 🙂

  • Good advice. I guess you only really learn by doing. I wasn't convinced I would finish it when I set out, let alone finish it with a strong burst of speed.

  • Good run! Well done 👍. Yep, there is no accounting for it. It just shows it's always worth turning out even when you don't want to. Nike was quite correct wasn't he. Just do it✔️

    Good for you. You have the whole day in front of you now as you got such an early start 😃

  • Yep, and already thinking about the next run!

  • Good! I am like that now!

    I never sneaked a peek though. Ignorance is bliss 😁

  • Great stuff! I'm a huge fan of the flat out finish. Psychologically, you're stamping some authority on the proceedings (I'm in charge) which is a huge motivator and builds mental toughness. Exactly what you need when the gremlins next come calling!

  • Thanks Michael_W you are right. That last 60 seconds running flat out made that run for me. It also gives me confidence that I have 'more in the tank' for when week 8 comes calling.

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