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Graduated, did a few runs, let it slip but determined to come back!

Hi all

When I graduated I felt inspired and elated, I ran a few times using the speed and stamina podcasts but then, to be honest, got a a bit bored...

I have just been running 20 mins twice a week, at a push, then thought I would take a look at all your comments and posts and I think you have kicked me back in to gear. I actually want to run this morning!

So thank you all and i will make sure I keep in touch!

Well done everyone whatever stage you are at you are all an inspiration :) x x

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Get back into it. I was thinking the other day how easy it is to forget the buzz you get after a good run. It's a great feeling, so why do we forget that?? I found it very hard to get back on track this week. But last nights run felt amazing. Go for it!!


I went through something similar - did some of the C25K+ podcasts, then found I was struggling to get past 20 mins. So I went back to Week 6, and worked through the programme again - but managing to keep up a better speed. I should have 're-graduated' on Sunday, but life has got in the way (as it so often does), and I've not managed 3 runs in the last week. Tried to get a run in this morning, and managed 15 mins before I called it quits...

On the bright side, twice a week is far better than never, and 20 mins is better than none. :) But yes, put those shoes on, and out you go! ;)


Thanks guys, just did 20 mins and will do 25 on Friday and 30 on Monday then think I will do 3 more 30s with a days interval. After that I will follow a new podcast but can't decide between speed and stamina...

I was using life getting in the way as a bit of an excuse but now realise that when I run consistently I do things faster generally so I reckon I get back the 30 min run time easily :)

If I don't manage to get back into it I will go back to week 6 :)

Hope you both get the buzz again and manage to hold on to it! Thank uou for taking time to post and support it is very much appreciated X x


I would love to know how many of us have graduated and then , for whatever reason, stopped for a while and had to start again or re-do weeks, from reading these blogs I'd guess there are quite a few! Love Sachelle's comment about getting the 30 mins back, I hadn't thought about it that way but I think you're right, I know i feel better about all sorts of things when I am managing regular runs. I didn't try any of the c25k+ podcasts, do they help with keeping motivation/ interest going?


Sachelle- congratulations for keeping it up twice a week for 20 minutes! That's enough to maintain fitness anyway. Have you tried finding some music you love that matches your cadence and using that for motivation? It's easy enough to create your own playlist for the walk and run segment length that you desire.

It's only been a little over a week since graduation & I am pretty slow still, but so far I have found speed so much fun to do (I do it twice consecutively with the 5 minute warm up walk between) and if playing it once, it's not so much running- 5 minute warm up walk, 5 minute light jog (I think), then 1 minute run- 1 minute light recovery jog X6.

The stepping stones in C25K+ has also been good. It's about a 30 minute run that gradually increases cadence- helpful for increasing distance over week 9, at least for me. Haven't tried endurance yet but plan to.

I haven't found a need to go back and don't anticipate that, because Laura's speed one could be adapted to as slow as necessary with distance adjusted accordingly. I think rather than going back, should it be necessary, I would try the Galloway plan to get back up to snuff and I have multiple friends who actually do his run-walk system for entire marathons with better times than running continuously!


Hi Sachelle - i was about to leave a very similar blog on the site - then read yours! I've let life get far too much in the way recently and feel I've lost my mojo! I have signed up to do a 8.5 mile fun run in June so I have my target! I'm going to use the responses you have plus read everyone else's comments to get me back into my running, because when I get into it I love it.

Would have gone out tonight but it's snowing..... there's always tomorrow! Good luck!



Thanks everyone, I will take a look at the Galloway plan, and think I will make a playlist for tomorrow's run. I read a post about the stepping stones podcast, and that sounds interesting too. The problem I have is that I haven't felt that buzz again, when I was on the c25k I really felt elated after each run and maybe using one of the above will help :)

I notice I have my lovely badge now! Thankyou!

Hope everyone has a good few runs this week, snowing here too but hope it clears for tomorrow x


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