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W8R3 - Dedicated to Global Running Day

I’m dedicating today’s run to Global Running Day.

I actually didn’t knew that there is something called Global Running Day. I was sharing my C25K journey with one of my friend today when he told me about Global Running Day. Such a good coincidence.

Today’s run was actually great. Felt really good from the start. I use two apps to track my runs, Strava and MapMyFitness, just to make sure that even if one crashes during run I still have data from the other one to look at and compare my runs. Usually I start both the apps at the start of the warm up walk. Today I used Strava to log full 38 mins while MapMyFitness was used for logging only the 28 min run.

I managed to cover 4 Kms in 28 mins while Strava showed a distance of 4.9 Kms in full 38 mins. I was not expecting 4 Kms in 28 mins so was really pleased with myself.

One more thing that I did differently was that I didn’t played any music at all during my run today. It was such an amazing experience. I’m tempted to carry on doing that for my W9. I’ll see how it goes and may go back to listening to music if it doesn’t work out in long run. Overall a very satisfying run.

Looking forward to W9.

And as always, everyone else in W8, all the best for your run. Let’s make that podium ours 😊

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Brilliant!! You’re doing soooo well 👏🏽✨👍🏽

I’ve got my W8R2 tomorro... you’re just ahead of me so I look forward to hearing how you do! 😉

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Wow!!! I never imagined in my dream that someone will look forward to my runs, you have made my day! Thank you 😊

All the best for your run tomorrow!


Your posts are usually very positive and encouraging! 🤗

I’m a little apprehensive about tomorrow, I’m leaving longer gaps between my runs (last one was Mon) I’m not sure if it’s helping or not! When I was running ever other day I was in a clear routine and woke early for my run. Now that’s not the case, I hope I don’t lose the ease I’ve started to find with running. Looking forward to the cooler (less humid) weather tho! W8R3 - bring it on!! 😬

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Well done on completing W8, a great achievement.....the podium awaits you 🤗

I used to listen to music but found I wasn’t really listening to it, just background music if you like.

I tend to listen to Running World pod casts on my long run, I find them interesting listening 😊

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Well done. You’ll smash the final week.

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Great running.

Congratulations! Only 3 runs left.

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