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W8R1 done and dusted......but it was hard!

Well today I did W8R1 and it was sooo hard. This is the hardest run I've had on the whole programme :( I set off ok, but it was raining so had my rain coat on and just one layer of clothing as it is warmer today. I kept my pace at the usual slow but steady and my breathing was going fine.

Then at 10 minutes the rain stopped and the sun came out.....oh boy was I hot. I couldn't believe how hot I felt. After running the last 8 weeks in wind and snow it was such a different experience. Had to remove my jacket and tied it round my waist. Thenn the road i was on was in the full sun with no shade.....I was seriously overheating. I slowed down my pace to almost a slow walk and this helped a bit.

I was almost home when I had to stop for the train.....I have mananged to miss it for weeks, but because I slowed right down I got caught. Kept moving, walking up and down while I waited then continued on my way. It was very difficult starting again, but I did it. When I got home I was wiped out!

I was very surprised to feel so bad, but as my husband pointed out, it's my 10th day on the 5x50 challenge and maybe I'm starting to feel it more now. I had a lovely relaxing bath when I came home and now I'm feeling much better :) I think it will go better on the next run as I will adapt my clothing better and I'm only swimming for 30 minutes tomorrow morning so I will have almost a full days rest :-D

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Terrific for coping, surviving and succeeding! Enjoy all the bubbles you can and the swim'll probably find that as cross-training goes, it will help your running legs enormously. You'll be just great at your next outing :)

Congrats on managing C25K and 5x50 at the same time ... I know several people are! My hat is off to you all!

Cheers Linda x


Well done you!! You certainly had all the elements against you! But you did it!! Onwards and upwards you should feel so good about yourself ! X


ONLY swimming, ONLY SWIMMING?! ;-). I went on the way home tonight with the other half and fiercely competitive as we are, we ended up racing and I think I've pulled something in my groin and my arms are going to be sore again tomorrow...I should have gone for a run :O!

Well done for getting through such a tough run, I think I found the 1st run of each of the later weeks hard. Only 5 runs to the shiny green badge :D


On first reading this I had an image of you running in a long raincoat... :D Enjoy your swim.


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