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I've started!


Well. I've done the first run. I say run. Sort of jog. Ish. But I did it! Kind of looking forward to going again. It's easier this week cos I'm off so we'll have to see how it goes then. God I'm unfit! As I said I did it but I think I did the first run a bit too fast and it nearly killed me. I slowed down for the others and it was slightly more bareable! I think the walk parts I was maybe too slow , but at least I didn't stop! Motivation has always been an issue before with excercise so I hope I carry on!

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Well done for getting out there and starting, you have now done the hardest part. :-) Keep coming back and blogging and reading everyones blogs, it certainly does help with motivation. And remember it's not a race, go as slow as you need too. :-)

Good luck with your next run.


Week 1 was a reality check for me!!! Don't worry about speed, just concentrate on just getting through each run. The program is designed to build endurance, speed will come later. As far as motivation, consider this a challenge and a goal to achieve. You will never regret doing C25K! :-) This is the first exercise program I ever stayed with. By learning I could do it and finally gaining some self confidence, I also completed a 10K program and am currently doing the 5x50 challenge. Wishing you the very best! Gayle


Ditto what Gayle has just said. Week One I was knackered after each and every 1 minute sprint (hahah -- hardly a jog, let alone a run). Yet here I am, 9 months on, doing the 50x50 challenge with relative ease. I have never been so fit before. You can do it! All the best, Delia


Thanks all! I'm glad I found this forum as I think it'll help!


This forum certainly WILL help you stay motivated! :D Like you, I was unfit at the start and just 8 weeks later am now running 28+ minutes... Unbelievable!

The programme works, so stick with it and if you have any queries, bad days, etc., just post a blog and the guys here will give you a great boost.

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