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Uh oh.... W5 R2 done. R3 next!

Had a lovely run this morning on W5 R2. Sun was out, unlike W5 R1 on Sunday when I was battling against sleet.

I was reluctant to leave Week 4 as I really liked it. Just as I was flagging on the last run on the podcast, the tempo changed in the music and inspired me to press on.

W5 has been OK so far, it's just that the next jump seems so enormous. I've been reading everyone's blogs to get the confidence I need to tackle it!

Your advice and encouragement is so important to me. My husband used to be a runner but, following a knee replacement, was advised to stop running. I, on the other hand, have never run before. I think he is feeling a teeny wee bit resentful that he can't run and is not being very encouraging! So, it's you lot that are keeping me going!!

I know there are a few of you around the same stage as me, so I've been looking out for your blogs in particular and follow your progress with interest.

So.... next big hurdle coming up. Good luck to anyone else who is about to tackle it too!!

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Good luck to you.

The mental motivation is what it is all about - I am only on week 2 R1 - I went out today in the rain - only because of these blogs. I am sure the sense of pride for you of getting this far is immense.

I used to be a runner - only a few years ago did a half marathon - but completely let it all go and i am at least two stone heavier - so the C25k actually feels quite daunting - and i am scared of not completing it. Reading blogs like yours gives me hope that i will progress.

Keep running keep blogging


Thank you suzybenj. You're right. It is pretty amazing that I have got this far. When I was doing week 2, my thighs were so sore, I could hardly sit down. And when I did, I could hardly get up again. I was that unfit!!

I have family members who are into running (my niece completed the Paris Marathon on Sunday in just over 4hrs 30mins). This, when I was getting really excited about running for 5 minutes non-stop on Sunday!!

Since I started C25k, I now fully appreciate the effort involved for people who do 10k, half and full marathons. Well done for having joined that elite group!

It does feel daunting, but I'm sure we will complete it. Slow and steady as they all say!! The forecast here for Thursday is rain, so I'll be out there in it, attempting my full 20 minutes, motivated by these blogs!

Look forward to hearing how you get on. You will progress; the plan seems to work if we stick at it!!


Good luck with the big 20 - it isn't really as big as it seems, if you think of 'just' doing run 2 but running gently instead of the walk in the middle... Slow and steady, yes, indeed! And even slower if need be, for that middle bit - about 7-10 minutes tends to be the toughest bit so just keep going - then magically you're past half way!



Thanks for that advice. It all helps. Sounds like a plan and I'll give it a go. Let's hope the weather forecast is better than predicted!


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