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Hills, pub, school and childminders house


Just completed week 7 run 2 with my lad, and after lots of deliberating decided to do a different route. I tracked it in the car on my way home from work so I roughly knew the distance for a circular route that would take us home. Wow.... Laura and you guys are right, it makes a real difference to change the route. I had certain landmarks factored in ( as title!!). The only downside was the enormous hill that leads to the pub at the start of the run...tempted to pop in for a pint...but resisted!

We are planning the next one now, and also need a playlist, sorry Laura but that music is really getting on my nerves now. Its been so good to read all your wonderful blogs, thankyou, Julia

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Sounds like you've become addicted to running! ;-) Good idea to change the route, especially now the runs are getting longer (and possibly more boring).


Well done - new routes are great, aren't they? :) I like the idea of a circular route as well. It always seems like you're getting somewhere instead of having to turn round and go back on yourself. Oh, and well done for resisting that pint :D

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