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W7R2 - Done, but was tough!


Yeah, completed W7R2, but I found it more difficult than the Run 1. Then I realized that I didn't take the extra day off between Week 6 and Week 7. So it was my third consecutive 25 mins run this week. I plan to reward myself and take the extra day off now.. So W7R3 has to wait for two days before it is conquered!

In the meanwhile, I had posted a question last week on the upper back pain that I had on longer runs. It looks like I could be running with tightened shoulder muscles as well as having a weak core muscles :( I decided to consciously relax my shoulder muscles while running - that seems to have helped a bit. I also plan to start the NHS strength and flex program in parallel as per a suggestion from con-brio. So it will be alternate days of Couchto5k and Strength and flex. I am keen to hear from others who have had similar upper back pain (pain start from the middle of the spine all the way to the shoulders).

Will keep everyone posted on this.

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Congrats on your progress. Taking more time "off" between runs is fine, as these longer runs take their toil. :-)

CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to con-brio

Thanks. Will keep going at it :)


Just a thought.......have you had a gait analysis done? it may help to work out how you land and if some different trainers may help.

CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to alcopop

I have got special shoe insoles to take care of my flat foot and pronation. But still haven't got any gait analysis done. Will have to get it done sometime. Thanks.

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