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W7 R1 - Hideous..... but great at the end!

So, I'm in showered and on the sofa after hauling myself out for a run and although it wasn't my greatest I feel great!

There is a lot to be said for running badly after eating not so well and not being well enough hydrated and I have found that out for sure!

However being able to run in the evening and still be down by the river was lovely, hearing the birds sing and seeing the sun in the sky was lovely. My husband and two year old came to meet me for my cool down and I even had to run past them to finish my last 1 minute run so managed to run for further than I did last time.

Slightly aching and heavy legs but smiling broadly! Roll on Tuesday and run 2 :) I am getting closer and closer to my new trainers and green badge!

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Excellent ... Great way to spend a Sunday early evening :)


Week 7 is an achievement in itself, well done. I hope you get your new trainers soon, the green badge is goes without saying - you will get it.


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