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Today is the day!

Well have been up early to have some breakfast in advance of a 10am start. To say I am nervous would be an understatement but just want to get going..hate waiting! Leaving in 30 mins to do some pick ups before heading to Paddock Wood. Having others to talk to on the way down should help calm me!

The sun is shining (hope it's not too warm later) and I am ready for the challenge. Thank you all for your support and words of does help!

Will report back later today to let you know how I get on! :) :)

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Thinking of you Ali! You are not far from me so you may just hear me cheering for you! ;)



Meant to send you a "good luck" yesterday and you'll be gone by now. But if you're looking at this on your phone as you get ready for the start, good luck. If not, I guess you've now finished and I (we) hope it all went exceptionally well. You've put in a lot of work for this and are a trailblazer for those of us who are hoping to do a HM later in the year.



All the best. I thought of you yesterday when talking about the local HM with my son.


Wishing you well Ali, hope the weather is kind to you all. GOOD LUCK


Good luck! Hope it's going well. Look forward to hearing about it!


I survived! Blog to follow post shower and snack!


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