Today is the first day of the rest of my HEALTHY life!!

Good morning lovely people. Hope this finds you all well. Today is the day I finally move on - to a happier and healthier life. I have been messing about for long enough but now I need to buckle down and get my head focused. I am signed up for a "10k and some" (usually around 17k!!) Tough mudder event here in the beautiful Scottish Borders next March. There us no way I can do this without being super-focused. I am currently about 5st-ish overweight and have the energy of a sloth. This is possibly the worst week to go for it (house move, birthday of 8yr old son, decorating etc etc) but hey, nowt like a challenge to see how determined I am ;-)

So, started a five day juice detox this a.m and although the removers are due in an hour I'm all sorted for the day, even planning a sneaky run before school pick up at 3.

Have a fabby day folks! xxx


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14 Replies

  • You can do this but like you say younhave to focus and knuckle down. You will need to eat well. Good healthy eats to support your running. Clear any junk out!!!!! Don't buy any. Your kids can benefit from healthy eating as well. Make it a way of life and you'll soon be eating up the miles

    Good luck!

  • Thanks MissW. I am lucky to be blessed with a son who also loves his fruit and veg but lately we all have depended too heavily on junk. But the wake up call was a visit to hospital to see a family member who'd had a third heart attack and I realised that could easily be me......

    No one else can do this for me so only I can do what needs doing! Thanks again x

  • Well, if you do manage to fit in a run this week then you will have no excuses in later weeks. Go for it!

  • Exactly!! Bring it on!! :-)

  • You sound very focused & that is half the battle. Like you say, there is never a perfect time to start these things so you might as well go for it now. And as Iannoda Truffe says, if you manage this week then there are no excuses going forward! All power to you, we're all rooting for you! And remember as you go along this journey, there will undoubtedly be the odd setback, but it's about learning how to recover from these & get back on that road. Good luck! X

  • Thanks Marly :-) Ita true what you say about the set backs but I give up too easily. I need to atop beating myself up and accept that we are all human after all. I will pop on here to keep me focused and repeat my new mantra "I can, and I will do this"! Xxx

  • great posted looking forward to reading about your progress so good luck and just rememder Laura is with you all the way !!

  • Cheers Rebel. I wish I was organised enough to write a blog but might try keeping notes somewhere so I can track my progress. You guys are all so helpful too, so no doubt I'll be boring everyone with updates/trauma's as I go ;-) Laura is both my tormentor and my motivator - she knows what she's talking about! Thanks for taking the time to reply x

  • Well done for starting and you will finish, the lovely people on here won't let you get away with slacking. Good luck

  • Well done you for starting when you already have a hectic week, I think this shows that you will commit and succeed with this programme :-) Best of luck with your journey and look forward to hearing about your progress updates.

  • well done...and my advice would be to eat sensibly...don't give yourself unreasonable targets but go out there, run, enjoy it and eat a bit less......and most importantly have fun ;)

  • It's amazing how much more energy you get once you ditch the junk food. It's quite astonishing. It's like having your car engine de-coked, and once all the gunk has been cleared out of your pistons and chambers you can start firing on all cylinders.

    I'm now like a Ferrari, as opposed to the old banger I once was.

    Oooer not sure that came out quite right but you know what I mean.

  • Good for you Lala, I've just done wk5 run 3 which was a huge milestone in my mind but I got through it :) I'm still a good (bad) 6+ stones overweight but I'm losing weight and gaining fitness all the time :) good luck with the plan. Kate x

  • Well done for starting...that's the hardest bit!

    Like everyone has said, eat well, ditch the junk and keep going forward and you'll see the gain xxx

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