W9R2 - Almost There Now!

Completed W9R2 yesterday evening, but was too tired to blog afterwards!

It went fine, and I felt so good I decided I'd speed up for the last three minutes to see if I could manage it. And I did! Very pleased.

I didn't use the podcast. I ran with a playlist of music I enjoy, and it definitely makes the running easier if I'm listening to something I like. I really don't enjoy the podcast music (but I do love Laura).

I'm looking forward to my graduation run, which I hope will be sometime over the weekend, depending on what else is going on. Will report back!

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  • Oh god ,young Scip....... are you saying it doesn't get better in Week 9 ????? I thought the playlist was bad enough in this week (8) ..have just posted quite a rude one about it.

    Anyhoo....more importantly,the very best of luck to you for your Big One .,,am rooting for you ,have a really good one x

  • Carole, I didn't really listen to W9, I just ran! I hate the bloody music on the podcasts - there, I've admitted it! Doing my own thing now, so I don't have to listen to it any more - yay! (Though I will miss Laura) I'll look forward to reading your rude post later - off to bed now. Thanks for the good wishes for grad run, and hope W9 goes well for you, too. Roll on our Grad Badges! x

  • Well done Scipio, I agree with you about the music, but I was too chicken to try without Laura!!! Can't wait to hear that you have graduated and have your badge next to your name!x

  • ditto on music - but i did grit my teeth and graduate with Laura. One more run hooray hooray - look fwd to your graduation post :-)

  • Well done Scipio for a great run. Picking the pace up at the end requires a lot of determination and effort. Have a good rest and then go and graduate with honours. I'll be cheering you on

  • Good luck Scipio we are all behind you, go girl :-)

  • Thanks everyone - I've graduated today!!! Will go and post about it now...

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