This time I will complete this!

Hi all, I have just started again this week and am due to do Wk1 R3 today. Got to week 7 on my last attempt but had to give up due to being unwell. This time I am determined to finish this. I am running on the treadmill again but would like to get outside once i feel a bit braver as i get bored on the longer runs. I am overweight and very unfit so it feels good to be doing something about it. Last time I did this i didn't log in as a member but thought it would be nice to support other people as i found the posts on here really inspiring. Looking forward to graduating!


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7 Replies

  • I did my first run yesteday, the furthest I got was Wk4 before. Welcome!

  • Well done for not giving up. It's all a mind game as I am sure you know, you've just go to get and keep your mind in that zone, trust in the plan and believe in yourself and the rest will be history eventually. With fitness, should come weight loss (as long as you eat sensibly) as those new found active muscles require more energy! Good Luck with it all!

  • Great that you have returned! Welcome back and all the very best for completing this time through. The sun is shining this morning, and the clocks are now geared up for summer... Who knows, we might even get a summer this year!? I've been running outside and am at the end of W6 now... had a chance to use a treadmill during Wk4.... and it was just not nice at all! Hope you will find the chance for popping outside soon..... There's so much to see and do out there... And I'm certain the time passes quicker. Am thinner than 6 wks ago... Hoping a few pounds will tumble now I'm into longer runs. Good luck! :) Linda

  • Good Luck and enjoy!

    In my opinion it's definitely better outside, so much more to distract you and take your mind off the minutes and healthy fresh air to boot!!

    I too am overweight and trying to do something about it and although the pounds aren't falling yet I am just starting week 7 and have had four comments in the past two days about how my body shape is changing and I can definitely tell that my lumpy legs are fast whittling away.

    Happy Running :)

  • Thank you all for your positive comments, can't wait until i feel confident enough to run outside.:)

  • Wel done for getting back to it. :-) Try going out early in the morning, not so many people or traffic about. When you feel ready that is. :-)

    Best of luck for your next run.

  • Welcome back! I'm sure with all the support here you can do it this time. All the very best for your c25k journey - keep blogging to let us know how it goes :)

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