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Week 1, Run 1!

I did it!

The most exercise I've done for ages! Felt good afterwards, but legs are aching a bit, though I am taking that as a good thing!

When I was younger and in the TA, I could do 8 miles wearing full combat gear. I feel a little ashamed that I have allowed myself to become so unfit. A bit ago I made the difficult journey of stepping through the door of Slimming World. Yeah, that helps, certainly with weight loss, but I want (and need!) my fitness back. This podcast series seems really good, the choice of music is brilliant, just what i needed to help me along (Bon Jovi doesn't really do it for exercise!!)

I'll try to remember to update on here regularly, It'll give me that little extra motivation.

Bye for now


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The first run is the hardest and now it's out of the way, well done and welcome to the forum :)


Well done on taking the first (and hardest) step. We look forward to seeing you progress. Keep on truckin' :)


Definitely keep posting, not only will it help you but it will help others too. :-)

Well done and I'm sure you will progress nicely.

Good luck for week2.


Yay, well done. Good to know I'm not the only one on Week 1.


Getting out and doing the first run is the hardest bit. Well don and good luck for the next run!



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